Why This Blog Is A Thing

You know when you feel so passionately about something that all you want to do is sit down for five hours straight and rant about it? Yeah, me too. Pretty much all the time. Sometimes, all I want to do is become famous just so I can do those live shows and feel like people are listening to me when I talk about my opinion on things. I do have good friends, but it’s not the same because- let’s be real- no one wants to hear me vent out on Why Fred Shouldn’t Have Died or Why Mosquitoes Should Be Permanently Eradicated  (yes, it’s that random).

So, instead of talking to myself (ha, not that I do that *cough* because who *cough* does that), I decided to make this blog to talk about things I’m passionate about. It just makes me feel better to talk to no one and yet someone if I do this, so there you go!

As I love to read, books have always been my escape. Words are something that possess the power to affect you in so many ways- they can make you cry, laugh, love, hate and live in a way you don’t in reality. So, this blog would be my Haven of Words, my escape from reality and I hope, yours too.

I plan on talking about my hobbies, habits, likes and dislikes, unusual, weird incidents in my life, Art, Literature and why we are all just lost, insignificant sugar cubes in this cold tea of life. Especially that.

So, buckle on, I hope you can suffer through my antics and rants and just pray for my soul when I’m in the Fangirl Mode. That’s…yeah, apparently, I just said that. Okay. I’ll leave now.

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