Confessions of a Bookaholic

I’m honestly trying so hard to stop posting consecutively about books but I just had to get this one out before I went back to serious writing.

Hence, I present to you some of the utterly ridiculous Confessions of a Bookaholic (aka me)-

The Great Rebel Against The Book Ban (It was a secret rebel)

  • When subjected to a book ban from my parents, I may have plotted diligently and come up with an ingenious plan risking my monthly allowance and my will to live simultaneously by ordering books at my friend’s place and then exchanging the “goods” at school for over two years. She was a sweetheart to do it for me but it was a wonder how my parents never voiced their opinions when my bookshelf literary (get it? liteRARY) started overflowing with books without them buying ‘em for me. Knowing myself, I don’t think they even wanted to know.

I Have a Receipt Obsession

  • I have a very weird and unusual obsession with receipts. I don’t know why but I like collecting bills and receipts which are book related. As hard as it is, I don’t save every bill I get with my Amazon delivery but I may have saved the receipt of Looking For Alaska by John Green because it was the first hardcover that I had purchased with my own allowance (and what a gorgeous hardcover it is, ah) and also, I have the receipt of the books I purchased back in 2011 at Manney’s Bookstore with my brother and Mom because it was the best bookstore I had been to till date (note: there is no Barnes & Noble or Waterstones in India). Unfortunately, Manney’s shut down later in the same year and I could only visit it once but its memory lived on, pinned on my soft-board.k

I Spent Time Diligently Making Notes For Exams (Not)

  • I may or may not have jotted down every single Adrian Ivashkov quote from Goodreads in my notebook at around 12 ‘o clock- one week before my term exams were going to begin in 8th grade- and told my Mom that I was making notes. I don’t even know why I did that when I could have just printed the stuff or something if I wanted it physically but, in my defense, anything is acceptable when it comes to Adrian Ivashkov. Also, when I’m stressed out about exams, my anxiety is vented out in very unusual ways.

  The Great Bathroom Incident

  • Only the last sixty or so pages were remaining of Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead when Mom and I had this epic Quarell Off that resulted in me being told severely that I wasn’t to read the book anymore that day. Okay, she had a point- I had been reading the whole day without getting anything productive done but how hard is it to understand that things were really serious between Rose and Dimitri and the whole plot at that point?! So, obviously, I did the only logical, understandable thing that anyone would do in that situation- I locked myself in the bathroom, pretending to take a bath, and read for about forty minutes or so. Ah, the relief. My mind was so preoccupied by fiction that I didn’t realize until the next morning that I had left my book in the laundry basket and our house maid had found it. I swear to Hades, I would never forget the expression on her face that day. The mix of incredulity, amusement and sheer confusion is… quite something. She was pretty used to finding books all over the house as both my brother and I are hardcore readers but finding one in the laundry basket? Yeah, that was pretty much the last straw.

I Like To Make Lists. I Also Have a Problem.

  • If you know me then you wouldn’t believe it- given how disorganized and messy I am- but I am a list maker. I practically live by the motto “First you make a list, then you exist.” Up until now, if you were to see the back of all of my Math notebooks and my rough books, you would see a “Books I Want To Buy” or “Books To Read” list. Next to those books would be their price on Amazon and below the list there would be an extensive calculation of the budget, how much I money I can spend and how much more I’d need. I think I’ve done more Math to figure that out than I have in my entire Math book. So, my really embarrassing confession here is, I have an Access file on my laptop with the list of every single book I own. I know, I know! Who the hell does that? Apparently me. But here’s the thing, I have around 130 books and I wouldn’t even know if I gave those books to somebody (*cough* I have a page tacked on my soft-board with the list of the books I have lent out to people so I don’t forget them *cough, cough*) or lost them or whatever. Also, I should probably mention here that Access files are incredibly difficult to handle once you’ve managed to mess them up- which, by the way, I totally did. So, now I need to make it again. Sigh, who am I even kidding, I have a problem.

My Brother and I Have a Secret Smuggling Business 

  • So far my biggest and the confession I’m most proud of is this- At the beginning of 9th grade, my brother and I wanted to get a library membership. My brother could go ahead and do that but I needed permission from my parents and, also, money. So, I went ahead and asked them and, not surprisingly, the answer was no. Now, let me just put this out there, as much as I was frustrated by their reply, you really cannot hold it against them. Most parents are desperate for their children to read books and keep trying to encourage them. My parents? They have seen enough of both me and my brother’s obsession to know when it was enough. Especially when I had to really pay attention to my ICSE exams coming up next year. I mean, we read all the time and had hoards of books as it is. Personally, I believe that there is no such thing as “too many books” but it’s a bit difficult to make them understand that. So…. My brother and I may or may not have taken things to our own hands and made slight… changes to the initial plan of no library. Okay, so we went ahead and got the membership anyway. Everyone has a rebellious phase! I’m sixteen and I have days when I hate everything and am ready to jump into the ring to FIGHT people but, unlike normal teenagers, my rebellion is not to stay past curfew, go to a party, have a boyfriend, or even dress code- oh no, my rebellion is to get a fucking library membership. Go figure. Like I said, I have a problem.

         Even though we had to split half of our pocket money every month- I think I’ve had    quite a bit of fun sneaking out of the house twice a week with my brother to go to the library and then “smuggling” books inside by pulling off some serious Sherlock shit (once, we had to hide the books quickly inside the shoe rack outside the house because our parents were just coming up the stairs). My brother and I had a standard excuse every time Mom asked us where we had been and it was, “We went to get some juice.” It was ridiculous! My brother loves sugarcane juice and he’s always drinking it twice or thrice a week so that’s the only thing we could come up with but I’m pretty sure Mom knew we were up to something and I have a sneaking suspicion that she had an idea that it was about books but all she did was give us the Don’t Try To Outsmart Me look and went about her ways. Oh, well.

So these are some of my confessions- and who am I kidding- I’m so proud of them that it’s not even funny.

…..Okay, maybe a little bit funny.


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