Interview With A Non-Reader

I’ve had this idea for a while to interview a non-reader and ask all the questions that usually go through my mind when I see them. Why do you not read? I mean, reading is basically a break from reality- what is not fun about reading? What is not fun about escaping reality for a while? Why would you prefer a movie over a book?  

Although, judging from the weird, why the hell does she read so much looks I get from pretty much everyone around me, I guess I should be the one interviewed. But, hey, if you’re a part the of Bookish Community/Cult, then you’d get me. We pretty much share the same nerd DNA. So, here I have a brilliant friend of mine, Poorvi, whom I pretty much threatened/begged to give this interview.

Almost all of my friends are non-readers so the reason why I specially chose Poorvi is because of the number of exasperated, puzzled and teasing looks I’ve received from her whenever I’ve had a book on me (let’s be honest, that’s most of my existence).

So, what exactly goes on in the mind of a non-reader?

So, hi.

P: “Hi?”

Are you excited for the interview?

P: “Not really.”

Excellent. I’m shooketh by your enthusiasm. Would you like to introduce yourself?

P: “I am a girl.”


I don’t have good hopes for this interview.

Q. For the sake of clarification, would you call yourself a reader? At all?

P: “I would not call myself as a hardcore reader because, yes, I do not read books quite often as I do not have the patience to read each and every line. I would definitely prefer comics over a novel or a story book, as I like pictures in between to make you visualize what you’re reading. Though I have a pile of story books, I’ve honestly just read 2-3 books- which, on top of that- I finish in about a year. Basically, I am not crazy about reading books.”

Q. Why do you not like reading? Any particular reason?

P: “It’s not a relevant reason but I would say that it has a lot of content to read and quite a number of pages and long paragraphs which makes it boring to read for me. Not judging on the story of the book, but yes, I prefer pictures too. The pictures make reading fun along with comic strips.”

Unofficial comment added by Poorvi: *On her writing skills for the interview* “I am such an amazing writer, I realized it today.” *Laughs*

Q. Do you think reading is a waste of time?

P: “No, I don’t think it’s a waste of time but, yeah, you need a lot of patience to get to the conclusion and the main part of the story, which is a pretty difficult job for me. You know what I’m trying to say….”

Q. What do you think of the question- “Why not watch the movie instead?”

P: *Laughs* “This question is exactly my point of view in reading books like, for example, Harry Potter. I have the full movie series of it. Yes, I know the people who read books might think that the movie misses some important elements which are mentioned in the book- but if you see from the positive side (actually, from a non-reader’s side), you will feel that the person is more interested and into the movie and would want to watch the whole thing till the end. Movies give the live visuals for a non-reader to imagine and just be patient.”

Q. In an alternate Universe, would you like to be a supernatural or paranormal creature- demon, witch hunter, vampire, shadow hunter, wizard etc? 

P: “I would like to be a paranormal creature like a vampire.”

Q. Are you perfectly content in the world you live in- without magic?

P: “This question is useless, I don’t even know how to answer.”

Geez, thanks for questioning my reporter skills, bruh.

P: “I would say that reading books sends the person in a different world…. but I think I live in a more practical sense (no offense).”

Q. Would you agree if I said that you don’t like reading because you haven’t found the right book yet, like J.K. Rowling said herself?

P: “Maybe it can be true. Maybe it’s just the patience and enthusiasm needed to read a book that’s lacking to take shape in me.”

Q. What’s the last book you read?

P: “The last book I read was Maze Runner (no, I haven’t completed it yet).”

Q. What’s your favorite book?

P: “If you ask me for a specific book, then my preference would go to one of the Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kinney.” 

Q. Lastly, what is your opinion on me as a reader?

P: “My opinion on you as a reader is like the quote, “Asking me if I like reading is like asking me if I like breathing.” Keep reading.”

I can assure you, this has only been said for the benefit of the interview. In person, this question would be met with an expressive eye roll, an exasperated groan and then probably a full blown teasing session. Just saying.

Q. Anything else you would like to add in your defense as a non-reader? Before the community explodes in indignation?

P: “This interview might have brought a true book lover to a halt after listening to this from a non-reader’s point of view. I would just like to say that people who don’t read have various other passions in life. Reading a book is very helpful and gives you a sense of patience which might be helpful in other fields too! My message to readers is don’t stop reading, but do look at the other side of the world, the one that’s outside of books. Message to the non-readers is that it’s alright if we’re not interested in reading but you shouldn’t discourage the ones who do. Someone once said that whatever you decide to do, it should make you happy. I hope everyone liked this interview. Have a nice day.”

Girl, you just made us readers sound like pure saints but, to be honest, we read because it’s pure fun. It might not seem like that to you as I can see how reading might be viewed as boring but, trust me, we’re no saints who have armloads of patience; instead, reading is the last activity requiring “patience” for us- except, of course, to get to the exciting climax.

I would just like to say that I hope this didn’t offend anybody- I tried to design this into a freestyle format and Poorvi’s views are honest and her own. I hope everyone can take them in swing and humor and respect her views, even if you don’t agree with them. However, positive comments, if any, are always welcome!

God, I loved to take this interview so thank you so much, Poorvi, for being so incredibly complying and expressive! I couldn’t have asked for a better friend, a better non-reader for this interview.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll convert you into a reader pretty soon so stick around. Just saying.


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