That Month Of Stories: October Wrap Up

I’ve never done Wrap Up posts before because I always thought it’s too… I don’t know, casual? I felt guilty if I didn’t post my write-ups and, instead, indulged in everything bookish. Anyway, that thought can go to hell because I like to talk about books and I have a blog where I can do it and you’re not my parents so I can do whatever I want. There.


October’s been a great month for reading. I didn’t read a lot of books but I read really good ones.

  1. One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus

    32571395.jpgOkay, but, THIS BOOK. I was hyped for it the moment it got really buzzed on YouTube and it so did not let me down. I loved how I got The Breakfast Club vibes from the synopsis and how varied and engaging the characters and the writing was. I kid you not, this book literally kept me guessing and second guessing and yet,  I was blown away by the ending. So clever.

  5 Stars. 

2. Turtles All The Way Down by John Green


Another super hyped up read. I loved Turtles, of course. The main reason why this book was so good to me was because I didn’t know a lot about OCD or how serious it can be. Reading about Aza and her struggles really did strike a cord. I like how John’s voice has evolved throughout the years; it feels more mature. There were, however, a few things that I think could have been better. A lot of the book was internal and focused on Aza so I didn’t really get attached to the other characters and Aza’s voice, though connecting, seemed flat in places. However, it’s definitely an amazing book and probably my second favorite JG book after The Fault In Our Stars.

4 Stars

3. Lord Of Shadows by Cassandra Clare


Ha. Ha. Ha. The less said about this particular book, the better. Just know, ugly crying at 2 am is going to make you pretty crabby in school the next day. Just sayin’.

5 Stars.

4. Poison Princess by Kresley Cole


Poison Princess was a pleasant surprise. I knew that it was one of those Get-Me-Out-Of-This-Reading-Slump-Seriously-Addictive books but it turned out to be even better. Yes, it was a guilty pleasure, addictive read. But it was so creative! The whole concept of Tarot Card characters in real life fighting to death and the apocalypse just blew me away.

4.5 Stars.

5. The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah McLean


I don’t think New Adult is the genre for me at all. I mean, right now, it’s just not the thing I enjoy. The Rogue Not Taken was one of the rare, let’s-see-how-this-goes novels that I read on a whim. However, this book was, as I gauge, so much better than other NA books I’ve read (which, to be fair, I can count on one hand). I guess, it was a hilarious, well rounded, casual book.

3.5 Stars


A Dog’s Purpose


Five minutes into the movie and I was already crying over how cute this is going to be. I legitimately cried so much while watching this movie, it’s not even funny. I’m just happy that this movie is out there for people to watch and just be happy. Maybe I’ll even read the book it’s based on sometime into the future.

Anyway, dogs, man. Dogs. They are the real deal. Can I please just have one little doggo in my life like Bailey? Please? Apparently no. Because the Universe and my parents hate me.

Easy A


It’s been quite a time since a movie made me genuinely belly laugh so much. However odd or unusual the plot of the movie might be, it was executed so damn well. The humor and the script in it made me appreciate it to a whole new level because you don’t see that pure witty sense of humor in movies anymore. Especially “chick-lit”ones like Easy A. Also, Emma Stone basically made this movie her bitch, she was so good in it.



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