Drive Again

The world is a mess around us,

Too bright, too out of focus.

So, I whisper, “Take me somewhere.”

And we drove, the two of us.

Daring and rebellious, we challenged

Reality to catch up.

Farther down the road, up the hill, amongst the stars,

Farther still.

You rolled down the windows,

I propped my feet up on the dashboard.

We didn’t say a word,

With our silence, we filled up oceans-

Oceans of smiles, music and constellations.

We slowed down but still drove,

Through the fields, the winding roads.

Through the worries, the flickering hopes.

Too much to feel.

Too much to hear.

Too much to see.

It was enough.

Reality could catch up, we knew it can,

Oh, but this was reality, and we can drive again.


So, this poem isn’t so much personal as it is a recap summary of a scene I read in Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater. So, without spoilers, in this scene, one of the protagonists- Blue- is feeling really anxious and angry and wants to get out. She calls Gansey, another one of the protagonists, and all both of them do is drive in Gansey’s old Camaro across the town. Without talking, just driving, switching seats and driving again. It’s hard to explain how or why that scene had such an impact on me but it’s written so well that it gives me the feeling of calmness and the exhilarating release of getting away. I mean, when you feel suffocated from all sides, you can just get in that car and take a break. You can just drive again.


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