bookish pet peeves, ridiculous rants, how do you school again // A Life Update

Yes, I’m actually doing a life update. Kinda surprised myself since discovering I actually have a life (ayyyy). Anyway, I’m getting a teensy bit more personal on my blog, hoping that Life Updates won’t be boring because- besides no one actually caring about them- it makes me feel like my life is a bit more organised (or so I pray).

Anyway, I’ve not been very productive this month (and who is surprised) but it’s stressing me out a little bit. I mean, I’m literally making a mental To Do list (or, The Things I Should Have Done 5 Years Ago And Yet Here We Are list as I like to call it affectionately) and it keeps building up in my mind but I’m not actually doing it, you know?

Here’s an accurate summary of me nowadays:

Me, thinking: Hmm, so I need to start drinking more water- at least 8 cups a day and make a healthy food diet chart. And make a list of all the tasks I need to check off today. Also, study a lot. Try to catch up with the syllabus. Write that blog post idea I’ve been thinking about. And while we’re at it, why not get on to that plan for world domination soon? And I should also go check the post office because my owl is literally 6 years late with my Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.

Me, actually:


It’s weird. It makes me feel like I can’t control the flow of the events of my own life which s u c k s. Which is why I’m thinking of maybe starting a bullet journal? I read somewhere that writing the tasks you plan on finishing is helpful and gives you the incentive to actually jump into action.

But from what I’ve researched so far, maintaining or fixing a layout for your bullet journal is complicated. Also, I need an actual journal for it and I don’t want to use my beautiful notebooks because they’re SO BEAUTIFUL HOW CAN I USE THEM? But I also want my journal to be beautiful so I can’t write in in an ordinary diary. #lifeiscompicated

No, really, though- I will start a bullet journal.

Bookish Rants: Recent Pet Peeves Driving Me Crazy

First of all, I’m furious at certain book related things which shouldn’t actually piss me off so much but mAN I AM MAD. These have all happened fairly recently and are bothering me to no end.


LOOK AT THIS. I hate cover change. I. DETEST. IT.

Literally Every Time I Look At Them

I had the perfectly beautiful editions of Angelfall and World After and then End Of Days had to go and ruin the whole thing. Not only is it different but also shorter than the other books. I didn’t even know that the third book would be so different because it didn’t say so on Amazon and now I just can’t look at the books without feeling mortally wounded.

No. 2 – The Saga Continues

To add insult to injury, my brother gifted me the 7th installment in one of my all time favorite Skulduggery Pleasant series aND THE COVER OF THIS BOOK DOESN’T MATCH EITHER. AND IT’S THE 7TH BOOK. Can you IMAGINE that I have the same covers for the rest of the books and then there’s this one book which doesn’t match? kILL ME NOW.

No. 3- The Thrilling Future Conclusion Of My Misery Trilogy

I kind of feel really bad complaining about this but here we go. So, An Ember In The Ashes went through a cover change recently so I’m going have a different edition of A Reaper At The Gates than my other two books. The thing is, I’m not mad at this cover change because I respect and admire Sabaa Tahir’s reasons behind it. She wanted beautiful brown girls and slaying characters on the covers because #RepIsImportant. And I do love the new covers…. but then there’s the irrational, annoying part of me who really loves the old covers and is now upset because, again, nothing’s going to match. Again, I do love the new covers because of all the POC rep but now I want the previous two books of the new edition too.

And I know you’re sipping your tea loudly and arching your eyebrow while thinking, are matching covers really that important as long as you have the book? But if you’re someone who is a book collector as much a reader, you’d know why such things piss me off.

Honestly, if a book goes through such changes, we should have the option to choose which edition we want. Because that isn’t problematic at all for publishing houses. Also, I can hear you guys saying that I should’ve bought most of these books ages ago when they didn’t go through the cover change but I am literally just a high school student who doesn’t get enough pocket money to buy books all the time and yet somehow manages to spend money she really shouldn’t on b o o k s. Point is, I have to wait for some time before I can order another book godammit.

Me @ all the cover changing decisions

In other Bookish news, I bought a hardcover!!!!!!!!!!! And not just a normal hardcover but OUR DARK DUET by Victoria Schwab!!! I see you raising your eyebrows at me, judging me, but lET ME TELL YOU THAT BUYING HARDCOVERS IS A HUGE DEAL FOR ME.

1). In India, hardcovers almost always have to be imported (at least for all the books which aren’t exceptionally famous in India that I read). So, the shipping prices are RIDICULOUS.

2). Even without the shipping prices, the actual prices are ridiculous. Finding a good hardcover below the price of 1000 rupees is a blessing. But even when it’s just below 1000, I don’t/can’t buy them because they’re still expensive and I can just buy a couple of paperbacks in that range.

3). This should be the first but my parents stopped buying books for me a long time ago. Thanks, parents. I mean, they would still buy a book here and there when I’m particularly whiny or persuasive or if it’s my birthday- but that’s strictly within a price limit. So, I have to save up my monthly allowance and every small penny I come across and then stalk Amazon for hours to come up with lists and calculations before I order something. I’m weird, I get it. But so are you (I see you, tiny book worm, nodding your head vigorously).

Anyway, the covers of This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet are some of my favorite covers of all time. They’re a blessing to my eyes, really. So, when I saw that the hardcover of  Our Dark Duet was magically really cheap (than usual), I HAD TO BUY IT. AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL. LOOK.


I’m already in love. I’m planning on doing a 24 Hour Readathon on my blog in March so I’ll read it then.

Lastly, School. Honestly, how do you school again? I don’t even know. What is school? Why is school? Who even is school?

School has been so hectic lately. Or rather, it’s going to be hectic because my exams start by the end of the month but before that I have to give a bunch of practical exams and man, I’m stressing out. This whole month has been journal submissions, project completion and viva prep. Minus the actual hurricane of finals in the corner. My mind is an actual swirling mass of how to identify a female roundworm, amoeba fission is a big pink splat, how to find the diameter of the pencil you’re holding using a screw gauge, do not break any test tubes, this is how we identify the mysterious ion in this salt and remember JAVA and MySQL programming. 

This is mixed with- Love, Simon is coming out next month and I can’t even, I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK IMMEDIATELY and I really want to write a book on this topic and sleep who?

I have so much of pending work that I’m more stressed about how stressed I’m going to be when Finals finally begin. Basically, the rest of Feb and most of March is going to be my own personal hell. So, that’s something to look forward to.


That’s it for me! It felt weirdly relaxing to get all of this out of my system. I might even do this again sometime. How has your life been recently? Vent it all out to me. 😀


2 thoughts on “bookish pet peeves, ridiculous rants, how do you school again // A Life Update”

  1. Oh, Nimika! I loved this post so much! I can truly relate to you right now on so many levels 😂 I would definitely recommend starting a bullet journal! Or you can just find a small notebook (that isn’t too pretty so you won’t have to ruin the beautiful pages *winks*) where you write in daily to do lists! I honestly don’t understand how you do MENTAL to do lists omg I need to have things all written down and structured or else I’d forget them! I definitely think you should write everything down because it will not only make you FEEL less organised, but you’ll actually BE more organised :’)

    And I love when people do life updates because it makes me feel a lot more connected to the blogger! I love getting to know other people better ❤ so keep on doing these!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh your comment made me so happy! And I don’t understand how I haven’t crumbled beneath the load of all the mental lists I make either! I mean, can you believe that I love to make lists? Now, the number one task on my To Do List (the mental one) is to actually make a list of my To Do List (the actual one). HA HA I’m a mature human being, I promise.
    Aww thank you! I loved doing this kind of a post too and I’m definitely going to be doing more of these now that I got your opinion too. ❤


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