Our Existence Is Weird

DISCLAIMER: After finishing writing and reviewing the whole post, I’d like to mention that I have no fucking clue as to what I just ranted about. I had a lot of jumbled up thoughts about this topic and I just vomited them here so kindly go along with me being a confusing duck with minimum judging, if possible. Thank you.

No, this isn’t one of those random moments when someone becomes aware of how freaking weird our living situation as human beings is and has a breakthrough in their thinking process. I do think about this quite a bit.

So, if you’re an avid reader like me- or just someone who’s into fictitious worlds more than the real one, I bet you think, “Ugh, reality is so boring. Couldn’t I be zapped by electricity or bitten by a radioactive spider and have supernatural powers which I could use to save the world aND somehow manage to be even more lazy?”- well, the answer is no. I think. Unless the Government wants us to think that.


But why do we think that way? It’s because of one word: normal. Yep. What we do is consider everything around us- no matter how weird or bizarre- as normal without, I don’t know, actually considering it. Space? Universe? Male seahorses giving birth? Chalk it up to Science and boring text books which we’re going to be tested on.

But, like, hold up. Stop right there. Take a step back. Even if you’re just eating pizza in your room, wearing two day old PJs, pretend that you’re from another universe and are reading about our actual existence in a story book.

We literally exist on a floating piece of rock trudging through space 19 miles per second and the only thing holding us back from flying off into the galaxy and dying is an unseen force! And who even are we? We think humans look normal…. but what even is normal if we are the ones who created the definition of normal?? To an outsider, we’re just vertical blobs of multicolored meat with projections for hands and legs and we can make sound and have hair and the underappreciated talent of making shitpost memes. We would look disgusting to outsiders! Who are we to judge those generic triangle faced, malnourished aliens when our imaginations can’t even conjure up hypothetical entities without assigning them human like characteristics so that it’s easier for our brains to comprehend!

This is the part where you’re telling me that it’s better not to go too deep into such thought spirals and I agree. So, let’s take one step forward. Look around you. Do you realize that more than 90% of the factual information in your brain is actually a result of a breakthrough in someone else’s brain- someone who’s probably dead for decades?

Bread. Do you think when bread was first created in 8000 B.C.E. people knew that now, in the future, something called pizza would exist? Maybe in the future, bread would have numerous other delicacies. I mean, everything around us has not even been used to its maximum potential.

Back to a more reasonable topic, let’s consider us. You and me. How did we come to be? Can you believe once there was nothing other than heated ions and now there’s us? And not just us, but something theoretically mind blowing like the internet? Pizza? And every freaking awesome thing in this world?

Basically, what I’m trying to say is because my everyday life is my normal, when I took at my life- or the Universe, generally- from a different, outsider’s perspective, everything sounds so magical and bizarre; I mean, did you know that when you look at the stars, you’re actually gazing several light years into the past? That the stars you’re looking at right now have actually probably exploded and the light of the current stars haven’t reached you yet? Maybe you’re just walking down a street right now, but you’re walking down the street on a giant rotating globe of ice, water and rock which is revolving around a ball of hot plasma in outer space among intergalactic bodies like stars and planets. See? Bizarre.

I’m not questioning history here- I don’t think I can have that kind of an existential crisis right now; but I am appreciating the random occurrence of events which have, over time and space, brought us all together to what we are right now. Which is unrealistically beautiful and weird. I mean, what were the odds of us actually existing? But as John Green said in a recent vlogbrothers video, “We’re here because we’re here because we’re here” and he might have meant something entirely different from what I’m making it to be, but I need a good note to stop ranting because I honestly don’t even know what I actually wanted to rant about and what I ended up saying. Basically, that’s me every time I speak.

So, anyway. Fiction is great, but sometimes, reality is pretty awesome too.

#Although would still totally prefer being bitten by a radioactive spider.

Do you ever have such weird philosophical moments? What are some of the unusual things that you think about a lot?



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