12th grade, rainbow bookshelf, OneRepublic tickets(!!) // A Life Update

Hi, you ‘lil smol child, and yes, I’m alive.


I haven’t posted in almost a month because (no excuses) I’m #lazy. Sorry about that. I hate myself too. But I’m back in full swing and all I want to do now is write and write and write so I’ll be releasing a torrent of posts at once. Sorry about that too.

Okay, I do actually have acceptable excuses for disappearing. Part of the reason was, obviously, my finals which got over mid-March (thankfully) but then I was just too mentally drained to do anything other than read. I swear, there’s nothing worse than not being able to read during the long stretch of exams. At first, I was fine but then the mental stress just started piling up until I literally needed a release.

Obviously, due to being the actual physical embodiment of convenience, my creativity always peaks when I don’t have time for it.

Me, normally: I’m just gonna… not do much and chill and relax #ironicYOLO.

Me, during exams: I literally want to write a book, read 76 books in one week, go on a Sims marathon and become a better person in life.


ANyway, my exams got over and the only thing I could bring myself to do was read and I did read a lot this month…. but, yeah, my blog got left behind in the process. It did try to catch up by running after me but then ended up panting and then giving up and going on a vacation to Hawaii. I mean, same.

So, what is up with you, I hear some non-existent person who cares about my whereabouts ask as they sip their tea and wonder what even is so special about tea.

Well, for one, I have officially started my Senior year!!1 (Oh, the enthusiasm). Honestly, as excited as I am, I’m also terrified because it’s 12th grade, senior year, final year before life “officially” begins or so I’ve heard.

So, I came across this quote from Glee (which, by the way, is one of my favorite shows now)- “The future used to be such an abstract idea…and the dream was enough, you know, but now the future has the nerve to show up and it’s expecting us to do something, and it’s not interested in giving a lending hand.”

The kids in Glee were also in their final year, confused about their futures when one of them said this and all I could think was, “Yes. This is actually exactly how I feel about this whole growing up situation.”

Moving on, the actual most exciting thing in my life right freaking now, is….. *drum roll please*….


I’M SEEING OneRepublic IN APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OneRepublic was my first musical love. They were my first favorite band that I obsessed over, my friend and I basically bonded over their music, I have listened to every single one of their songs till date and absolutely l o v e them. I remember I even made a stupid OneRepublic and Books tag when I first started blogging, just because I needed a reason to talk about them (the tag was weird).

Needless to say, I never really thought I’d actually be able to see them live. I mean, who would’ve thought they’d actually come to India? My friend and I used to make plans back in 8th grade (yes, I’ve adored them for that long) that one day, we’ll see them live. But… well, even then, those plans felt like empty promises we made to ourselves. To think that almost 4 years later, we’re actually going to see them live together? It’s C R A Z Y.

The most special thing about this is that this is going to be my first concert ever. To think that my first concert would end up being OneRepublic’s concert… it’s like finally getting married but to your first boyfriend from when you were a teenager (don’t worry, I’ll shoot myself later for this analogy).

To prove exactly how much Sid (the aforementioned friend) and I loved this band, here’s a picture of when we actually painted the name of their first single (from the first/latest album that was released after we became their fans) on the wall of Sid’s terrace in 9th grade.

Yes, we were eXTRA

I have so many stories about my whole OneRepublic phase that I would probably do a separate post after the concert where I can just talk about their music and stuff. Cannot WAIT for 21st April.

In other, less interesting news, I rearranged my shelf into a rainbow bookshelf! aka one of the biggest perks to being a book collector- you can arrange your books according to colour! Because you’re, like me, absolutely jobless! Fun!

It does look pretty cool, if I do say so myself, but I might not keep this arrangement for too long because 1). only the first two shelves look vibrant whereas the rest of ’em look kind of drab and 2). call me a nerd, but the fact that the books of trilogies and series are kept separately seriously bothers me. But, well, meh. It was fun while it lasted.

My lovelyyyy

That’s it for me! I promise to get back to posting consistently. I’ve got some great posts to share- a 24 Hour Readathon recap, some book reviews, some #lolrandom post ideas and the upcoming March wrap-up (which, judging by the rate at which I’m reading, is going to be huge).

Let me know how your life has been recently and if anything interesting/disastrous has occurred!



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