Book Playlist: MELANCHOLY | Lord Of Shadows

If you’ve read Lord Of Shadows by our Queen Cassandra Clare, you’d know why this is going to be such an… emotionally stimulating playlist. Seriously, that book drained me of all emotions the night I finished it but I still find myself occasionally shedding a tear or two because #feelings.

Melancholy is what I mostly feel when I think about LOS, before other feelings can surface. So, this playlist is dedicated to all of those moments that made me laugh and cry and curse Clare to the the lowest pit in Hell (jk I still love her, I would make sure she can write in the pit). Most of all, though, these songs are for Julian and Emma and Ty and Livvy.

Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”


Heartbeat // David Cook

Victorious // Panic! At The Disco

Colors // Halsey

Breaking Free // Night Riots

Break My Heart Again // Finneas

Safe // Westlife

Tears In Heaven // Eric Clapton

You’ll Be Okay // Michael Shulte


I made this playlist on Hypster too so you can listen to it here.

If it’s possible, try and listen to all of these songs in this order; I tried my best to construct this in a flowing rhythm that’ll hopefully canvas the emotions of the entire story.


8 thoughts on “Book Playlist: MELANCHOLY | Lord Of Shadows”

  1. omg your blog got a makeover!! it looks so good! I was so surprised because I read a post literally this morning and it was the same lol. Okay I wasn’t the biggest fan (meaning I wasn’t obsessed with) the first three books to the Mortal Instruments series but I want to keep going so I can read these ones because I feel like I’ll love them.

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    1. Oh my god, thank you so much! I changed the theme after a long time so it’s like shedding a layer of my bloggy skin (weirdest sentence I’ve said all day). Glad you liked it!
      By the way, SAME. I didn’t even read past City Of Bones because I didn’t like it that much; but I loved Lady Midnight and Lord Of Shadows so much that I decided to just go ahead and get done with TMI. I still have to finish the last book in the series. Trust me, though, reading TMI is totally worth it to get to The Dark Artifices because this trilogy is SO GOOD.

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      1. Ah I’m so excited!! But I know there’s no way I’m remembering all the family names/plot twists that go on because I didn’t even know what was happening when I read it, but I’m hoping that doesn’t impact my enjoyment too much😂

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      2. Nah, you’ll be fine. You know, if you don’t care that much about TMI, I think you can pretty much directly start with Lady Midnight. I read it when I had just read City Of Bones and I understood everything. You can go for it, just in case the slump for the remaining books is too much (which I totally get).

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