crash & burn

do you remember those evenings sketched in poetry

when we traded truths with barbs and broke our hearts?

when the lights were soft and the colors were muted

but our blood was on fire and our veins were electrocuted.

we were soft words spoken in the dark,

burning lyrics chased by cold whiskey and biting snark.

we were speaking in poetry and living inΒ clichΓ©s,

feeling too hard and hurting too fast.

a broken mess of emotions and art, hey, did you think we were going to last?

i look back and i try to paint us in rhymes,

maybe we were a mess of crimes,

but words don’t match

like our story is scratched

and did you see the cracks

and all the words we lacked

because, listen, we can’t go back.

I remember the late nights

and the blurry lights,

the dizzy heights

and the ice cream bites;

maybe not the heated fights

but were those the highlights?

maybe we don’t need to go back

to get back what we once had.

maybe we can be fixed,

maybe we weren’t broken.

maybe we’re hopeless and wrong,

maybe we’re in love and this is our song.

so let’s give this another turn,

and let’s crash and burn.



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