That Month Of Stories // August & September Wrap Up (i’m a mistake, yes)

In my defense- *rants for a paragraph explaining what a major trashcan she is because hi procrastination, my old friend*

I’m going to spare you the details but here are all the books I read in two months because we love a disorganized, messy blogger who likes running way from anything that faintly resembles schedule and responsibility.

the oranges are school, tuition, blogging and existing. i’m fine.

My Post (4)

1. Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino

What Is It About: A very logical, relationship cautious woman and a free spirited, “staved artist” musician who move in together as housemates and it’s about music and learning to trust, letting other people in after you’ve being hurt and taking risks that scare you. (Adult Romance).

My Rating: ★★

This book made me so mad. I was straight up fuming during the whole second half of the book. I’m just going to say it, Mia is a straight-up bitch. I’m not even talking about the annoying whining or complaining- the way she treated Will on multiple occasions was not excusable. It’s okay if she was scared of relationships or just not sure about a lot of things but she was straight up toxic. At least, the book did not cover that up and made Mia realize what an A grade ass she was being but, I don’t know, it didn’t make me feel any better about stuff. It was cute at times too (but then Mia somehow tainted it?). God, I don’t know. I’m just really mad at this novel.


2. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz

What Is It About: Aristotle is an angry, repressed teenager with a distant father and a brother in prison; Dante is an enigma in the form of a joyful boy who hates shoes and saves birds. If I have to compress this book in a paragraph, imagine long rides down a quiet road, two boys discussing love and religion and the world, soft friendship and fierce love. (Young Adult, LGBTQ+).

My Rating: ★★★★★

You know that feeling when you feel sad and low for no particular reason and just want to lie down and cry? Now imagine someone you love just wraps you in a blanket like a burrito and hugs you till you’re done crying and then probably also gives you pizza because hello I’m sad? That feeling of being treated so tenderly, being cared for is what Benjamin Alire Saenz treats his characters with. Don’t get me wrong, this book is no way completely light and fluffy. It gets dark, it questions happiness and purpose and depression and war; but it’s also soft and mute. This book is a thunderstorm with quiet acoustics in the background.

Had I been hurt? Had I healed? Maybe we just lived between hurting and healing.”

yes, my aesthetic phase is still ongoing

3. Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

What Is It About: Think rain slicked streets in Ireland, dark magic and beautiful fae, murder mysteries and the most slow burn, enemies to lovers romance you can imagine. When Mac’s sister is murdered in the most cryptic way possible, she hauls her ass to Ireland, determined to seek justice revenge. However, before she knows it, she’s suddenly plunged in a world of killer fae, detective bookstore owners and shadows that feed on people. (New Adult, Urban Fantasy).

My Rating: ★★★★

Ummm I don’t really remember my exact feelings for this book? It was crazy good, I can tell you that. It’s got these urban fantasy vibes to it and there’s all this interesting Irish folklore and obviously, I love everything faerie. It’s also got a super slow-burn chemistry going on between Mac and Barrons. We like Barrons because we love psychotic bookstore owners (honestly, I relate). I immediately started the second book after reading this and finished it but then I hit pause on the series. The reason why I deducted the one star is because I just didn’t feel the oomph factor after finishing it, you know? The “holy shit this book” factor? But, I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.


First of all, can we just appreciate all these covers? Because? Beauty?

4. The Wicker King by K. Ancrum

What Is It About: August and Jack have been best friends since they were kids. Their dark, neglected childhood bent them into needing each other to survive but their complicated relationship is tested when Jack starts seeing parallels to another reality which might or might not just be in his head. Suddenly, the lines between fiction and reality, friendship and romance, life and death get increasingly blurred as August struggles to try and help Jack- in the process, burning his life to the ground. (Young Adult, Psychological Thriller).

My Rating: ★★★★

This book was first described to me as the “disaster gay book” by my friend (and fellow blogger), Ananya and boy, was she right. I read Cait’s (@paperfury) review of this book on her Instagram and the next thing I know, I’m pooling almost all of my allowance of multiple months on just the hardcover of this book. It was worth it, dude, the book is gorgeous.

you can follow my bookstagram if you want more of my screaming about books in your life 🙂

I would recommend going into this book totally blind. It’s gonna be a rollercoaster, anyway. What I absolutely loved the most about The Wicker King is the format it’s written in. The pages get smudgier the darker the books get, each character is introduced with a playlist and there are interesting scribbles and doodles along with artsy shots of the characters in between. It made my heart full.

I also fell in love with the writing style. The whole book reminds me a little of the Mara Dyer books. The secrecy, the “is it in my head or is it real” trope, the lyrical, intense, sexy prose, the unreliable narrator vibes. It was brilliant. By the end, I jut wanted more of it.

Most importantly, though, you should read this book just for the Author’s Note in the end. That freaking note. I just. I can’t even. The way the author talks about people struggling with mental illness and the way she describes how August and Jack’s relationship works- it’s gold.


5. Vicious by V.E. Schwab

What Is It About: This is one of those “best friends turned enemies” book except it has themes of academic madness, EO hunting, superhuman powers and a classic “are we heroes or villains” questions. Spoiler alert: everyone in this goddamn book is a villain. (Adult, SciFi).

My Rating

Vicious is probably a 4.5 as not only have I never read anything like this book before but also because of that ending. There are shades of grey in every character in this book because literally no one is innocent except the dog. Honestly, it got a bit slow in the middle and I kept procrastinating reading it (maybe it was just me) but the ending made up for it. Also, Victor, Sydney and Michelle are one of the most iconic trios out there, such evil much cute very much love. It’s funny because both Victor and Eli were absolute (beautiful) pieces of shit but I rooted for Vic like yes you psycho, kill some morons with a hulk who’s actually a genius and a 13 yo necromancer, I STAN.


6. Dance Of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson

What Is It About: Enemies to lovers (not a slowburn tho), spies in enemy territory, land politics and all that (Young Adult, Fantasy).


It was just a really big meh for me. I enjoyed the first half of the book but then I felt like I was trudging through slime to finish it. Will probably still read the sequel, tho.

7. Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

What Is It About: This is the cutest story about movie buffs being best friends online because of their shared, nerdy obsession with films. They don’t know that they’re going to meet very soon without even knowing the other’s identity. It has a surprising hate to love trope, it’s funny and so very romantic. (Young Adult, Contemporary)


Okay, but I loved Alex, Approximately. I adored it. I don’t even remember why I procrastinated reading it for so long but fucking hell, it was adorbs. Bailey and Porter, unlike their online personas, clash in the wrong way as soon as they meet. They hate each other. Of course, we see a slow transition from hate to the cute love story I’m ranting about. Every chapter begins with a movie quote and it’s the coolest thing ever. Also, Bailey refers to herself as an “artful dodger” in the very first chapter and I already knew we were gonna click.

My name is Bailey Rydell, and I’m a habitual evader.”

Such same much wow.

8. Josh and Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating by Christina Lauren

What Is It About: Hazel is the goofiest, wildest and most carefree girl Josh has ever met and Josh is the most calm, grounding and charming guy Hazel has ever met. They know that they were meant to be best friends. In fact, they go to great heights to make sure they don’t ruin their friendship by being something more to each other even when they know that they’re perfect for each other. That means setting each other up on blind dates which go disastrously wrong and wow, we love cute chaos. (Adult, Contemporary)


I think if there’s any novel that can be perfectly translated into “a book version of a romcom”- it would be this one. I kid you not, this book read like a movie. I frickin’ enjoyed the hell outta it. It actually reminded me of an old Bollywood movie that I love because it was so much like its premise. I did have one problem with it that I can’t discuss because a) spoilers and b) I think it’s just one of my bookish pet-peeves so most people won’t even have a problem with it.

9. Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning


Bloodfever is the sequel to Darkfever. Since I have now binge read the entire series, the events of all the books have jumbled up in my brain so I literally do not remember what I thought of the sequel. However, I would still recommend this series.

I feel like a huge weight has been shed off my shoulders. I don’t even know with wrap ups- sometimes I love writing them, sometimes I just want to be done with them. Why am I like this // take a shot every time I say this sentence on my blog. Don’t drive drunk.

you @ me





4 thoughts on “That Month Of Stories // August & September Wrap Up (i’m a mistake, yes)”

  1. Oh, I am so glad you loved Aristotle and Dante! It’s one of my favorite books ever and I adore it so much 😍 And yesss, Victor, Eli, and Mitch are the iconic villainous trio and I’m so excited to see what Vengeful is like (I’ve heard people say it’s both better and worse than Vicious??)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think I can trust anyone who doesn’t like Ari and Dante like how? Is? That? Possible?
      I’m legit so very hesitant to read Vengeful because I’m scared of our trio being destroyed but V.E. Schwab can have the right to make my soul cry, I’m not complaining.


  2. how are you also an aesthetic queen and also hilarious and a ridiculously talented writer??? try to limit your talents okay some of us are looking bad here

    THE WICKER KING WAS SO SAD MY GOD. i found the writing kind of unsettling but it made me ridiculously sad. im screaming into THE SUN RIGHT NOW BC YES VICIOUS IS A MASTERPIECE BUT JUST WAIT TILL YOU GET TO VENGEFUL ITS SO DARK BUT ALSO VICTOR IS A SOFT DAD DON’T LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE. i’ll be shaking with anticipation here until you read it so chop chop (jk take your time)

    andddd yOU LOVED ALEX APPROXIMATELY. we can finally confirm that you have an excellent taste in books bc if you gave it anything less than a 5 star this friendship trial might have been cancelled (im kidding im kidding,,,,,,or am i?)

    i actually really have been waiting to get to josh and hazel but for some reason i keep putting it off (and everyone talks about this obscure ending that ruins it and so, interest = piqued) but 4 stars is a good rating so bumping up my tbr? why yes, i am

    Liked by 1 person

  3. well, you know when *someone* can read 20 books in a month and can draw and do some crazy calligraphy shit (that’s witchcraft, right) while still somehow eXerCisiNg (im not letting go of this shut up), then some of us need to not be more jobless.

    the wicker king was… something. it unsettles you and paints august and jack in every shade of gray available and pretty much tells you that these people need immediate help, yet you’re just hanging on by your fingernails, whispering, “nooow KISS.”

    OKAY TRUE STORY SIS? i’ve been avoiding vengeful because im low-key (*cough* very much high-key) scared of reading it. i mean, do i know that it’s going to be good? duh. but schwab has this way of literally stabbing me with emotions when it comes to these characters and i kind of want to stay in the, ‘happy vicious ending where our trio did not die’ mood. but you said “soft dad” and THAT’S ALL I WANT YOU HEAR ME I’M GETTING THIS BOOK RIGUT AWAY.

    girl, i wouldn’t trust anyone who wouldn’t automatically adore alex, approximately. i highlighted the holy hell out of that e-book.

    the ending of josh and hazel was fiiine, I guess but it’s also one of my major bookish pet peeves so maybe it’s just me? go read it anyway.


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