I Danced Alone In My Room // a playlist

One day, my blog titles will not be an accurate representation of my sad life. Today is clearly not that day so let’s move on.

Long story short, I had a rough day. You know, the kind where you spend the better half of the day stressing out and preparing for an exam but then the exam doesn’t go well and you’re just drifting along, waiting for a light to go off so you can get your shit together? Yeah.

I’ve reached that point in my school life where I’m almost always in the middle of a mental breakdown, have 5 journals and 4 projects due 2 hours ago, trying to catch up with the insane syllabus for the exam schedule which never ends and either sleep deprived all the time or getting way too much sleep instead of actually working and i’m fInE aHahahh.

So, you know what? In the great words of myself (grammar whomst?), when life gets you down, you shout back Taylor Swift’s lyrics at it until both you and life are jamming to it. I should copyright that.

My point is that I came home last night, locked myself in my room (well, my brother’s room because it has an AC and more space- not salty about that at all) and put on my headphones and danced for the better part of an hour.

And when I say dance, I actually mean having seizures while singing because I cannot dance. I don’t know how people can do it so naturally. I have a theory that most people are given secret dance lessons and I was obviously left out of them because I probably refused to leave my house which is, of course, fine.

What came out of this experience is me realising that I have a great playlist. It’s actually called “Clean Your Room” because I did not foresee any dance parties in the future when I originally made it and I did need to clean my room but okay (yes, I still haven’t cleaned the said room because I’m going through my #rebel phase ✌). And, yes, I’m making this totally random, seemingly useless post because I am not in the mood to write about anything that requires more than two (2) brain cells, fite me. BUT it’s still a great playlist and I want you tiny chipmunks to go out there- meaning, lock yourselves in your rooms- and take over the world by the pure power of dancing.

I’ll write a better post next time sorry.

shake it off // taylor swift

dancing’s not a crime // panic! at the disco

teenage dirtbag // wheatus

teenagers // my chemical romance

shut up and dance // walk the moon

the overpass // panic! at the disco

don’t threaten me with a good time // panic! at the disco

uptown funk // bruno mars, mark ronson

honestly // hot chelle rae

can we dance // the vamps

18 ’til i die // bryan adams

lemme know what your dancing jams are! (And if you know any on my list!)

5 thoughts on “I Danced Alone In My Room // a playlist”

  1. “I’ve reached that point in my school life where I’m almost always in the middle of a mental breakdown” <-this is the relatable content i signed up for

    honestly youre a queen for kicking it off with taylor, good job we can continue this friendship 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘mental breakdown’ and ‘school life’ in the same sentence is what brings us weirdoes together so high five for that relatable suffering, may.

      i think it’s only fair that both of us officially change our names to queen may and queen nimika from the various interactions we’ve had because this is how nerd monarchy should work. taylor could be the background music as we sentence people to libraries and bookstores. in my defence, i have just woken up so i have no idea what i’m saying but it sounds good.

      Liked by 1 person

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