That Month Of Stories // October Wrap Up

How are there just two (2) months left of 2018? What the frick @ Universe.

October was a… month. Honestly, it was a long month but also I don’t remember half of it because I was drowning in an actual whirlwind of forced productivity (that is a complete lie, I still didn’t get much done but I was at least attempting it, you feel me?).

I need a Pause button for life so that I could catch up on every single thing I’m lagging behind, then press Play and live life without stress for one (1) week before I’m screaming into the void again. Okay, that’s completely unrealistic, I know. I would never be productive even when time has stopped for me.

But, wait.

I attempted a thing in October. A spooky, scary skeleton thing.

I wrote a creepy lil short story called Night at the Asylum with Audrey from audreywritesabroad because she’s awesome and that’s reason enough.

You might want to check it out, it’s got abandoned asylums and manic ghosts.

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i). what if it’s us // ★★★★★

And then he catches my eye.
And then he smiles.
And holy shit.
I mean it. Holy mother of shit. Cutest boy ever.”

Y’all. This new book by Adam and Becky? It. Frickin. Slaps. This whole book is basically just one huge nod to pop culture references when it comes to musicals and books and sweet baby jesus, the romance is so cute and nerdy and awkward and just tAKE MY MONEY GODAMMIT. I see how Becky and Adam decided to join forces and kill us all with this piece of glorious shit and honestly, what icons.

The characters were so? great? Arthur is basically Simon 2.0 and Ben, my boy, shows affection by writing people into his story and creating a sim for them like dude accurate representation of my dumbass 10/10. Also, not to be overly dramatic or anything but I would sell my soul and every last bit of happiness for Dylan Boggs because that guy deserves nothing less.

And if you want the tea: I loved the ending. I don’t get why people are so upset about the ending, it’s brilliant. It’s weirdly the perfect blend of a Becky ending and an Adam ending and it’s cute and realistic and hopeful and right.

ii). an assassin’s guide to love & treason // ★★★★

4.5 Stars

The premise of this book is so charming and unique. I mean, Shakespeare is an actual character in a story? One of the MCs is a girl disguised as a boy who is part of an elaborate scheme to assassinate the Queen by playing the part of a girl dressed as a boy in a play. The other mc- my boy, Toby- is a secret writer and also a secret spy assigned with a mission by the Queen herself to hunt down the person plotting against her in the play. Um, yes, you had me at “assassinate.”
I loved the build-up of Toby and Kit’s friendship and their smokin’ romance. Also, Toby very low-key reminded me of Thomas Cresswell and dudes, that’s all you need to get me hooked.
This book has everything: revenge and betrayal, murder and treason, epic drama (literally and figuratively), soft friendship and wild romance. The only tiny thing that’s holding me back from showering it with five smacking stars is the fact that the ending could have had more of a bang to it. I can’t exactly describe it without spoilers but you know what, it’s still a total banger.

iii). the only thing worse than me is you // ★★★★

Listen, it’s no secret that my all time favorite trope is Love to Hate. I don’t even know, there’s something about this trope that is so alluring and addictive: there’s angst, witty banter, it’s always a slow burn, and then it also slowly gets soft and sweet and holy hell, just take my money already. Also, this trope works with every goddamn genre: contemporary, fantasy, hist fic, sci fi, you name it.
Ergo, it’s no surprise that I ended up loving this book. It’s your classic old school hate to love story set in high school about two over-competitive childhood enemies. Real talk, the drama warms my cold, dead heart. 👌
What made this story unique for me is the whole “school for overachieving, genius nerds” factor because for some bizarre reason, it really reminded me of Sky High.

ah, the Old Disney ❤

Also, there’s a whole mystery subplot thing happening which was also super cool. I mean, this book is choke full of nerdy references to comics and movies as well as random Science and Literature facts like 10/10 academic Hunger Games meets Ready Player One meets Nancy Drew vibes. Um, yeah, no. In hindsight, that comparison is completely ridiculous and you should definitely ignore me but you’re lying to me if that’s one crossover you don’t want to read about.
This is also the kind of book which would make a hilarious romcom.

iv). faefever // ★★★

3.5 Stars

Okay, so, the 3 stars don’t actually mean that the book was bad. In fact, it was excellent. I think. I just… don’t remember much of any book from this series because I binge read them very fast. The thing is, Faefever got really dark in the end. I don’t even mean regular dark, I mean nauseatingly uncomfortable dark. This could have been my favorite book of the series but the end really shook me. But damn, the MacHalo scene? It’s legit my fave scene from all the books and hell, I wish I could read it again for the first time.

v). dreamfever //★★★

3.5 Stars 

All that slowburn romance blew the hell up in this book, jesus. Again, don’t remember much, but 1). it had one hell of a cliffhanger and 2). if I had read this when the last book wasn’t out yet, I would’ve been helluva mad. Like, the cliffhanger in this one is straight up next to Spirit Bound and Mark of Athena, you feel me?

the ending made me feel this (also, this is a pun- he’s HANGING from the CLIFF, get it? hahaha i’m going to end up friendless one day)

vi). shadowfever // ★★★

3.5 Stars

Okay, so I know my ratings and comments come off as really indifferent because on some level, I do feel that way about this series BUT honestly, I really do like the Fever series. The MC, Mac, is one of those rare protagonists who’s actually smart in a way that she THINKS about her actions, she’s funny and I love how well she balances the whole “southern belle who likes to dress up in bright colours” side of her with the “evil fae hunter who wears black and, like, kills stuff” side.


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i). Venom (2018)


Excuse me, dude, where’s my tiny little psycho symbiote? Rude how we don’t all just get one, really. For real tho, Venom was so much fun to watch. I know there was a whole Critics vs Audience drama and honestly, even if it wasn’t the strongest movie objectively, it sure as hell was fun to watch. Also, the epilogue?? Daaaaamn. That made the movie for me.

me on an anticipated book release day

My Post (8).jpg

i. trench // twenty one pilots (2018)


I got into Twenty One Pilots music this year and bloody hell, I was missing out. Honestly, I can’t even describe their genre of music. There’s soft ukulele, sad poetry, sick beats and occasionally, some pretty emo screaming. Their genre is basically dubbed as ukulele screamo and dudes, can I just say: accurate.

Also, Trench? Goddamn masterpiece. The production: 10/10. Like, normal bands/artists just drop music but Tyler and Josh? Nope, they create an entire universe of metaphorical implications and build their album around it. You probably have no idea what I’m talking about but if you do, then I will love you forever.

Anyway, there are way too many bops in this album for me to rant about- especially after talking about them on practically every social media I have- but if you’re part of the Skeleton Clique and want to hear my thoughts on the entire listen through of the album, check out my tumblr.

My favorite tracks are Jumpsuit, Morph, Chlorine and Leave The City.

ii. some nights // fun (2012)


This is a really old album and I had listened to a couple of songs from it beforehand but I never really listened to the entire album as a whole. I’m not even kidding, I get chills when I listen to it. I mean, that intro of the first two songs? I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again, Nate Ruess belongs to Broadway. Fun’s songs always reminds me of a musical soundtrack.

That’s pretty much it.

Thanks for sticking around and reading.


11 thoughts on “That Month Of Stories // October Wrap Up”

  1. the aesthetic queen is back for us, y’all. gosh, im so jealous but in the i-love-your-art-so-much-i-wish-i-was-as-talented-way. what is this ‘an assassin’s guide to love and treason’ and WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD ABOUT IT SERIOUSLY SOUNDS SO GOOD brb adding it to my tbr this INSTANT

    and omg yOU READ THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN ME IS YOU AND YOU LIKED IT AFLKDJALFKJA IM SO HAPPY. seriously the banter was GOLD and i loved the two characters sm you’re making me want to reread it.

    also your night at the asylum was ridiculously good and im offended that you don’t have a book or collection already published, how dare you withhold such genius from the world??? that’s so selfish

    trench literally made me emo again and i dont think im even going to make it through the entire album bc im just stuck on replaying ‘chlorine’ till i die so there’s that


    Liked by 1 person

    1. you make me feel so good about my “creative” ways of procrastinating. like, here is a human who actually appreciates me for my graphics, would your idol ever :’)

      omg pleASE read AAGTLAT, may, its so smol and cute but also there’s some good banter and softness.

      points to YOU for making me read The Only Thing Worse… i mean, just give me angst and some good banter and im sold, son.

      and what the frickkkk, you started listening to trench?? my emo heart is doing jumping jacks rn. CHLORINE IS LITERALLY SUCH A BOP. i mean, the ending? is? so? powerful? :’)))))))

      i hope you kill your november, too 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. no kidding, october was super long and exhausting. oh, you’re gonna love, love, love What If It’s Us!!! it’s everything you want and expect from becky and adam and it truly warmed my heart.
    i already love you for having listened to (and prolly loved) Some Nights. it’s a treat for ny ears, truly.
    i hope you’re having a wonderful november!


  3. Ouh !! I’m currently reading what if it’s us in french – happy to know you loved it !! I’m only 13% in though .. so really not that far yet x) Also my first book from each of them.

    Congrats for writting your short story !!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay, first off – I love your book aesthetics! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. Second off, I wasn’t planning on watching Venom but your mention of the epilogue has made me curious and now I want to know what happened. Anyways, thanks for a great post! It was fun to read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, Kat 💛💛
      My ways include procrastinating a lot and then finding creative ways to feel good about procrastinating by making these so I’m probably a bad influence 😂
      Okay, so, I wasn’t very much about watching Venom either until my friend and I just randomly made the plan but the ending totally made it worth it.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful month!

      Liked by 1 person

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