sleeping at last // 8.12.18

[for more than a month now, exams and school have taken over my life. it’s been really, really rough and i can’t wait to breathe in peace again once they’re over. i haven’t had time to blog or read- which just adds to the overall stress. however, music has seen me through multiple mental breakdowns this past month and i discovered the gem that is sleeping at last. if you haven’t heard their music yet, you’re missing out on some heavenly, beautiful tunes. here’s a playlist of some of my favorite songs by them.]

Stitch by stitch I tear apart.
If brokenness is a form of art,
I must be a poster child prodigy.
Thread by thread I come apart.
If brokenness is a work of art,
Surely this must be my masterpiece.”

neptune // sleeping at last

i. saturn 

ii. neptune 

iii. atlantic 

iv. lullaby

v. two

vi. you wouldn’t like me

[i’ll come back soon]



10 thoughts on “sleeping at last // 8.12.18”

  1. AHHH I LOVE THIS MUSIC SO MUCHHH, WHAT A BLESSING IT’S SO LOVELY????? i was really stressed out and then I played the videos and felt happy again, it’s so soothing????? ++++ neil josten deserves this musical experience in his life, he needs to calm down,,,,,, that poor boy.
    also, on that note I think i should share a song that is 10000% neil josten: “You” by WRENN ❀ have you heard it?? ISN'T IT THE NEIL JOSTEN EXPERIENCE?

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    1. I’M SO HAPPY THIS MUSIC ACTUALLY HELPED YOU, MAL. no joke, i was so stressed about my exams when i started listening to sleeping at last and goddamn, it helped.
      also, bless you. bless you because if i had my way, i would make Neil sit down and listen to this music. probably irrelevant, but i wonder if Neil likes fast music with beats because that’ll keep his mind occupied or if he’s into soothing, soft music? anyway, i can imagine him just… Sitting on that rooftop while listening to these songs and i stan this headcannon.
      ok i listened to You and NEIL JOSTEN. that’s neil josten 100%.
      “I don’t wanna fight too long, too hard, too much anymore” excuse me but that’s my tired baby. this is why i made a whole post based on the songs that remind me of Neil lol. You get it :’).

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      1. AHHHH I AM SO HAPPY YOU AGREE ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ this headcannon is forever in my heart, ON HIS LITTLE ROOFTOP??? maybe sharing his favorite songs w andrew??????

        "I'll understand if you leave me but babe, I won't leave you" ////neil trying not to run away meanwhile neil is sweating bc baltimore is calling & he doesn't really know how much andrew adores him/////

        +++ WHAT OMG!!! i need to find this post w neil songs immediatelyyyyyyy, my life has been empty before now

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      2. So I was reading this brilliant comment and I just started imagining if this was another one of Neil and Andrew’s rituals? Whenever one of them has had a bad day, nightmare or just doesn’t want to talk, the other plays one of their fav songs so they’ll have something to…. Idk, concentrate on. And they don’t even talk, they just sit on the roof, listen to unheard songs and relax.

        Ok, here’s the link, I hope you like the post-

        I think Nora Sakavic broke us.

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      3. OH DEAR GOD, yes, bc they are not good with talking about feelings? so instead? they construct playlists they are special and intimate and it makes andrew smile ((((((((which he never does unless there is neil + special playlists in his presence????)))))))))

        ++ SLDJFL i’m going to read your neil playlist immediately, & experience my heart & soul being crushed once againnnnn

        also where is nora sakavic with more books, she’s not being v generous

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