63 Thoughts I Had While Reading Lady Midnight

Well, technically rereading.

Yes, I’m procrastinating reading Queen of Air and Darkness because I am terrified. I know I’m ready but…. I’m also not. I can’t face the aftermath of Lord Of Shadows. Hell, I can barely talk about it. We’re just gonna pretend that everything is alright and I’m not always crying bc of Julian and Ty.

Epic Reads does these kind of posts and I love them so I wanted to do one of these for a book.  I decided to reread Lady Midnight and Lord Of Shadows because I enjoy traumatizing myself occasionally.

And you have the (unfortunate) privilege of being in my head exclusively as I do this. I’m sorry. 

Here we go:

1. Am I ready to have my soul eviscerated again?

2. No but let’s do this

3. ah kit, my child

4. “This girl was practically vibrating to pieces over the idea of a dead body.” yep, that’s my girl, emma

5. “Emma spoke English and some scraps of Spanish, Greek, and Latin, could read three demon languages, and swear in five.” I’ll try not to quote every badass emma quip but no promises, I don’t make the rules

6. Cameron Ashdown’s profile picture on Emma’s phone is of a llama’s. Wild.

7.Bad time to be a llama.”

“Is it ever a good time, really?” Cassie just coming at you with these deep quotes, I can’t

8. Emma: *threatens faerie* my boyfriend and i just broke up and I’m not in the best mood

Faerie: so you’re single? I never would have guessed.

Cristina: ok rude

Lmao I snorted so hard

9. I spy a Jem reference

10. Should I read The Dark Artificies? (no, i haven’t already. I can hear y’all shouting in pure horror rn)

11. Just the image of Julian sleeping in Tavvy’s tent with him because his lil brother is having nightmares warms my heart

12.She and Ty,” said Emma. “Ty likes computers, he likes the way they organize patterns so that he can analyze them, but he’s actually not great at math. Livvy does the math and they tag team.”

nope. im not going to even comment on this, i hate cassie.

13. Ty arranges his books on a scale of his favorite colours to least favorite colours and this is too adorable

14. “Is he a sorrowful boy, Julian?” oh you have no idea, cristina

15. My husband, Jules, is here.

16. Julian and Emma communicating by tracing words on each others’ arms is one of my favorite things in this entire world, im soft

17. Hold the fuck up

18. They came back from england after two whole months. Hear me out. Julian Blackthorn with a faint English acccent. Let that sink in.

19. I mean. Damn.

20. Emma crawling into Julian’s bed bc of nightmares is one of the softest scenes in this book

21. If I was a vampire with an immortal life, I’d probably delivery pizza too, ya know?

22. They referenced Simon’s band, I miss him

23. “ Malcolm sighed. “I came here to bring true love back from the dead.” Ding ding ding, foreshadowing

24. Cassie is such a sneck

25. A thousand naps couldn’t fix how tired julian is

26. it’s heartbreaking when julian realizes how much mark has changed

27. I want to wrap him up in bubblewrap ffs

28. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Julian Blackthorn deserves the entire world.

30. My “I’ll fight for Julian” monologue ends now, we shall proceed onwards

31. But, really. Come @ me, I’ll fight you for him.

32. Mark: “I don’t know where I belong,” he said. “But if you let me, I will try to belong here.”

Julian offered to make him some eggs after this statement, I love this soft family.

33. Mark being dramatic about him being a murderer because he “killed” Tavvy’s stuffed bear is a scene I needed in my life

34. “Too much coffee, not enough pancakes.”

“I hope they put that on my tombstone.”


35. May I have the pleasure of reminding you all that Mark Blackthorn wears two shirts over each other, in case one of them is stolen. My work here is done.


37. Update: he poured maple syrup over his strawberries and Jules called him a hummingbird

38. Livvy: cameron looks like a redheaded captain america

Cristina: yea but i prefer hulk cuz i would like to heal his broken heart

Julian: we’re shadowhunters. We aren’t even supposed to know about the Avengers

Julian: also soz but iron man takes the prize, i don’t make the rules

39. Idk what happens in QOAAD but I want Jules and Emma to go on a road trip after everything is over. Just the two of them in the rusty Toyota. Julian is driving and Emma has her feet on the dashboard and they’re holding hands and writing on each other’s skin. I don’t care where they go but they deserve it. I’ll send you guys the petition link in some time. 

40. Mark naming the stars after his family while he was with the Hunt still remains one of the sweetest facts about his character

41. Aaaaaand Ty finally meets Kit. As far as first meetings go, holding a sword against a person’s neck is pretty much up there on the Shadowhunter Angst Scale

42. The scene where Tavvy is in the sugar bag is one of the most heartbreaking scenes

43. Oh, Jules. Jules, Jules, Jules. Pulling off the classic I Don’t Have Feelings For You. Godammit, Julian.

44. Jules was 12. He was fucking 12 when he took over the responsibilities of not just the children but also the entire Institute- something an adult was responsible for. Not that it’s surprising but it still makes me appreciate Jules so much more.

45. I get that a lot of people think he’s got that dark side to him after reading Lord of Shadows and he does. He’s not your typical Jace Herondale hero character. He’s so much more.

46. Also, it’s hilarious how annoyed Mark is with Perfect Diego.

47. I still haven’t figured out exactly which characters I ship in this mess.

48. For some reason, I still imagine Tavvy as a toddler rather than a 5 year old

49. I don’t remember what I felt for Kieran in LOS but I hate him in the whipping scene.

50. “Why all these paintings of you? Because I’m an artist, Emma. These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you.” get me a Julian. Now.

51. Ty throwing himself on top of Livvy when the room collapsed to protect her instinctively makes me ache so much. This- right here- is the reason why I’m procrastinating reading Queen by rereading this book.



54. Okay. Okay, holy shit. I don’t remember if this line of theory was followed in Lord Of Shadows but when Emma stabbed Malcolm with Cortana, she actually drove it through the Black Book. And the black book did something to her. Not just weakened her. It did something to her.

55. Can this POSSIBLY be related to the parabatai curse??? Or something???

56. I know for a fact that the parabatai curse loophole is going to be related to either the black book and/or Cortana but HOW. (no spoilers plis)

57. Of course Perfect Diego isn’t wearing a shirt

58. Aaaaaand Tessa gave Emma the dreaded advice that’s gonna ruin Jules

59. I can’t read this. I can’t read about Emma telling Jules she doesn’t love him.

60. “Why lie?”– Cassie knows how to end a book. She frickin knows.

61. Okay. I’m done. I don’t know what to do. I mean, I do. I need to reread LOS. but fuck.

62. Lord of Shadows broke me.

63. Bad decisions, here I come.

What did you guys think of this kind of a post?? Should I do this with Lord of Shadows, too?

Also, can someone please tell me why I’m subjecting myself to the abject mental trauma and torture of reading LOS again?


4 thoughts on “63 Thoughts I Had While Reading Lady Midnight”

  1. This is giving me way too mANY FEELS AFJDKSLAD I CAN’T. I’m rereading LoS now and also procrastinating QOAAD. Like do I want to know what happens??? holy heck yes. Can I actually handle the trauma??? lmao no ❤️💔
    I love love LOVE Mark and Ty so much, and omg Julian is so Soft and also terrifying. His dark side is my favourite thing though. And Emma is so sass (she can give the Herondales a run for their money tbh with the snark levels). *happy sigh* I freaking love this series so much. And I love this format of a recap review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy to know that we’re both literally on the same sinking boat bc let’s be honest, my feelings are going to be trampled and shredded after reading Queen.

      Mark and Ty are my softest™ babies and anyone who dares to hurt them can fite me, im ready.
      Thank you so much for your comment! ❤


  2. i’m SCREAMING THIS IS THE GREATEST THING I’VE READ ALL DAY like how did you get inside my brain and write my own thoughts (i’m watching you 👀)
    this is seriously so hilarious and relatable like emma kicking butt and julian being the softest dad ever, I love this power couple
    also I just want to make it clear that julian is my husband and I don’t want to hear anymore on that okay? okay, great talk

    Liked by 1 person

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