bye 2018, you sucked lmao

Okay. Okay, listen. I know I’m supposed to be really happy and positive in this kind of a post but I’m ending my year with my skin covered in red rashes, throat constricting bc my immunity system hates me and my fevered, delirious brain conjuring up dreams of a psycho child who’s killing people and forgetting about it because she has amnesia (it’s been a long and weird night, folks).

So pardon me if I’m a tad bit cranky.


In all seriousness tho, I’m v. v. glad this year is behind us bc every time I try to look back and review it, my brain just conjures up a broken record of mental breakdowns, stress, exams, school and more exams. I literally have a Chemistry paper on 2nd Jan so that’s how I’m spending the first day of the new year but I guess it could be worse. Don’t know about you but I’m having a great time yelling into the void and asking it to suck me in because I’ve have enough™.

The void is obvs ignoring me which is very rude but I’d ignore me too if I was the void (can you tell my fevered brain does NOT want to work).

So, yes. It’s been a stressful, emotional year but I’m not going to be a total debbie downer (cool people still use that term, right?) and talk about the good stuff, too.

Highlights of 2018 !!1!

(aka me being positive for two mins straight, #content)

 I went to my first concert of my favorite band, OneRepublic (!!!)

April 21, 2018


Screaming the lyrics of the songs I’ve been listening to since eighth grade with hundreds of people is definitely my favorite memory of the year.

I… Read a lot?

Listen, I know it’s not a lot compared to other people, but reading 75+ books while also Schooling™ 12th grade is not an easy task and I’m just proud that I read so much?

even tho half of my breakdowns were because I read too much and procrastinated but we don’t talk about that shhh.

I guess one of the best things that happened to me this year is my blog because I actually took blogging seriously (i took something seriously? wild) this year and I interacted with so many of you obsessed humans and it’s been great, chipmunks.


Ok enough sap, im scraping the bottom of the barrel to search for something interesting to say but i’m out of content so here’s a bunch of my favorite pictures of 2018 that I could salvage after literally accidentally dropping my phone out of the window and shattering it (see also: terrible year).

here’s to another *hopefully great* year ❤


18 thoughts on “bye 2018, you sucked lmao”

  1. IM SO PROUD OF YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU ACCOMPLISHED THIS YEAR (how’d the chem paper go, btw?) and your aesthetic board IS AMAZING im crying, how are you so adrobs AND a talented photographer??? not fair

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IM SO SORRY IM REPLYING SO LATE, basically I abandoned my blog for literally a month after posting a crap load last month but wow I’m back and also I love you because you make me feel validated,,,, :’)
      The chem paper was interesting and we shall leave it at that :)))


  2. oomph that is an awful way to end the year 😭😭 I hope you feel wAY better really soon!! And *flails for all the things you did* I can’t actually imagine getting any reading done + year 12 of school, so you are an amazing reading queen there!! And congrats on getting blogging done and all the wild great things!

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    Also, I’m sorry but I laughed so much when I read you’d actually dropped your phone out of the window omg XD
    Have an amazing year, my friend! I wish you the best books and many many wonderful moments! ♥️♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHH YOU’RE BACK IM SO GLAD. I missed you. :’)

      I am totally a robot, sis. This is how I’m going to actually stay immortal and finally catch up to my TBR lol.
      And don’t remind me about the phone, I still get war flashbacks. It was pretty traumatizing (but I survived).
      You too, mate! I’m going to stalk you now. ❤


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