If These YA Books Were TV Shows // The Foxhole Court

I’m just starting off the year right by clarifying that no, I’m not done being a TFC trash yet. I’m not sorry.

Everyone is currently freaking out about the Six of Crows/Grisha Netflix announcement and I KNOW ME TOO so I should’ve probably made a SOC edition but I have no willpower so obviously, I ended up writing a TFC one. We love organized messes.

Speaking of which, I’m not even going to assure y’all that this post is going to be- in any way- organized but bear with me, if you’re a fellow fox fanatic, you’ll love this.

also, i got these new content separators so i can pretend to be organized, thanks kat

All For The Games trilogy would definitely be better as a TV Show than a movie. The books are largely focused on character development & slow burn romance and one just cannot build up that angst and addictive quality in a movie.

I just,,,, want everything to be perfect. I want to physically design the aesthetics and write the script and cast the actors and choose the soundtrack and direct the actual scenes and the trailers and holy shit, you guys.

But since I can’t do any of these things- rude- I shall idea vomit on my blog.

look at me being sensible. wild.

Like with the TRC post, I’m just going to list a bunch of things I want in the show with no particular order bc that’s how brain vomit works:

  • the aesthetics: oh my god, the aesthetics should be done so well. I want the whole show to be in beautiful shades of orange and white. And I want a stark contrast with how the other teams are portrayed- black for the Ravens, red & gold for the Trojans, etc. Basically, the colours and the teams should be really importantly portrayed like the Hogwarts houses. This is serious, I’m not here to play; (appreciate that pun).

let’s take a moment here to acknowledge and thank whichever random team that wears orange and plays lacrosse bc we don’t give a shit about them but we appreciate the tumblr edits

  • sports really don’t interest me (except Cricket, so sue me, I’m Indian) so the only time I actually give two shits about them is when they’re portrayed in those heart-racing, chills inducing movies because there’s suspense and built up tension and the whole wild energy of the crowd and I want every single Exy match to be shot in that cinematic, high tension way. Like us, I want people to accept that Exy is a religion and stickball is valid bc we don’t make any rules, we just accept the rules.
  • whenever a new character is introduced, the frame freezes on their face and a list of stats and details appear next to it (in *cough* orange) and for some reason, I WANT WYMACK TO BE NARRATING EVERYTHING.
  • At least, the pilot? The pilot should be the first introduction of the foxes to the audience and I want Wymack to be the narrator in his own unique dialogue- “So, this is the story of the clusterfuck idiots that I have to babysit because of my own dumb decisions and how everything goes to a steaming pile of shit because some of them can’t keep their mouths shut *cuts to a shot of Neil* or understand the concept of being fine *cuts to Neil* or occasionally decide to not spew bullshit and lies in every five years *cuts to Neil sighing*…. ok so it’s the story of this idiot. His name is Neil Josten and he’s not fine. Enjoy.”
  • I want one episode to be devoted to every Fox and their back story. It would be from Neil’s point of view because he’s learning about them for the first time but I want every Fox to be given an episode of flashbacks for their story: Renee with her street gang and knives, Dan with her Stripper sisters and extra jobs and then her struggling to be a respected Captain, Matt with his addiction and how Andrew fixed it, Allison giving up her inheritance, Nicky being cast out for his sexuality, Aaron and Tilda’s abuse and Andrew and his foster homes (he tells Neil the deeper parts personally later and we just get a montage flashback of panic attacks and him being young and scared and angry) and ofc Kevin and the Ravens. I want every first meeting of the foxes with each other.
  • oh my god. THE BETS. I’ve literally thought about this so much. Every time something happens that favors the bets of the Foxes, the scene cuts to a 2 second shot of a hand dumping money in a jar labelled as Bet Jar. Like, maybe, every time Abby and Wymack do something cute or every time Neil drags someone politely through the mud in an interview.
  • every time Neil says, “I’m fine” a counter appears on the screen and flips up a number to keep track of the number of times he’s said that. This goes on throughout all the seasons. And sometimes, the frame just freezes and you hear Wymack say, “No, you’re really not, you idiot” or just a really loud *sigh* and then the scene continues like nothing happened.
  • I want every relationship to be portrayed so perfectly like Dan & Matt’s wholesome relationship, Allison & Renee being those girly, pure friends and the tension of the Monsters being lightened by Nicky’s flamboyant nature.
  • The. Roasts. Give me a moment, I’m just here imagining the badass music in the background as Neil verbally mutilates Riko, the reactions of everyone, the dangerous look in Neil’s eyes. Not just that roast, but every. single. one. The, “You know, I get it” banquet meltdown and “you worthless piece of shit” and “make me (kneel)”. Basically, Neil “I have a bit of an Attitude Problem” needs to be shown beautifully.
  • every iconic line. I s2g, I will NOT accept any son of a gun messing up the heartbreakingly profound dialgoue and the iconic quotes of these books: “You are a pipedream”, “you’re not going anywhere”, “Stay”, “I won’t be like them”, “I’m nothing”, “I’ve never been skiing”, “thank you, you were amazing” and “I want to see your scars.”
  • Speaking of Andriel, I want those soft rooftop scenes at midnight where they trade secrets and barbs with Troye Sivan playing in the background bc that shit = beautifully gay ❤
  • Just when the audience thinks that it’s all sports and broken kids and soft romance, the motherfucking mafia comes in
  • now it’s all knives and blood and bruises and punches and screams and pain
  • it gets dark and gritty and the show doesn’t hold back on the violence just as the books didn’t
  • so that’s the overall atmosphere that I want in the show: it has those light and funny undercurrent tones throughout the seasons but it also has the passion and the intensity of the romance and the thrill and anticipation of Exy and the darkness and the violence of the mafia.

Fan Cast

I don’t really have the fan cast actors in my head when I’m reading but this is an *in depth* post so we’re not pulling any stops.

Froy Gutierrez as Neil Josten

“Don’t look back, don’t slow down and don’t trust anyone. Be anyone but himself, and never be anyone for too long.”

Lucky Blue Smith as Andrew Minyard

“You gave your game to Kevin, give your back to me.”

Laurence Coke as Kevin Day

“I’m going to be the deadliest piece on the board.”

Aiyana Lewis as Dan Wilds

“Do as I say, not as I do, rookie.”

Reece King as Matt Boyd

“Matt Boyd, starting backliner for the Foxes. I’m the one who’s going to be wrecking your goals this October. Nice to meet you.”

Sergio Mori as Nicky Hemmick

“It’s about family. Not necessarily the one we were born with, but the one we choose. This one. The people we trust to be part of our lives. The people we care about.”

Jesse Paege as Renne Walker

“I’m a bad person, trying very hard to be a good person.”

Lucky Blue Smith as Aaron Minyard

“Don’t. Just don’t. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to think about it. I want to drink and pretend I don’t know any of you.”

Scarlett Leithold as Allison Reynolds

“They want to break my toy? So what? I’ll buy another one. Maybe I’ll buy two. Fuck them if they think they this will hurt me.”


I found this over at jamishelves and they actually made it and I think it’s so beautiful.  I can see an actuAL Netflix adaptation happening with this poster, guys. Where are the tissues.


Okay, so, being the nerd that I am, I’ve already made a playlist *specifically* for Neil on my blog- it’s called I’m Fine and well, I’m not.

However, for the trailer, the song that always, always reminds me of Neil and the Foxes is Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons. The lyrics, the pacing, the music- everything is perfect for the trailer.

So, this is it! I’ve wanted to post this for a long time because I’m literal trash.

Check out The Raven Cycle version I did last year!

Ciao ❤

6 thoughts on “If These YA Books Were TV Shows // The Foxhole Court”

  1. *IS COMPLETELY HAVING AN INNER MELTDOWN WITH NEED FOR THIS* Like excuse me now I can settle for nOTHING LESS than this exact description (I busted out laughing with the Wymack part and cutting to Neil for every annoying statement). And the fancast is also???? so freaking perfect??? I want this so badly *wheezes*

    Liked by 1 person


    i love the way you thought about making the colors stand out, like in a sharp contrast, bc the orange tones are V IMPORTANT and there is sm angst +++++you’re so right, making it a tv show captures that addictive quality that is v necessary.

    also i don’t care about sports in general either???? but gosh the DRAMA that is exy is so thrilling and i agreeeeeee, the Netflix Original should ft. the crowd chanting, people getting shoved into walls mercilessly, creative swearing, long stare downs

    +WYMACK NARRATING WOULD BE GREAt. Either wymack, neil, or Andrew should narrate this story. oh my god tho, can u imagine the main character technically being neil, the camera mostly follows him,,,,,,,,,,,,But Andrew is narrating????? PLS, LET THIS HAPPEN. WE’VE BEEN SUCH LOYAL FANS, WE DESERVE THAT SHIT.

    But also the lines you’ve provided for wymack and the screen cutting to Neil are Absolute Perfection, so honestly this is the best idea of all time. also the screen cutting to visual flashbacks for each Fox will kill me. I’ll say, “so this is what it’s like to be murdered.”

    AND THE BETS, cutting the screen to an aesthetic money jar???? meanwhile Renee protecting Allison. They way she considers Allison to be hers??? GOLDEN FRIENDSHIP. SO UNDERAPPRECIATED (by me) UNTIL NOWWW

    ++The way the narrative slowly becomes darker and filled w pain and damaged college students yus. you have fancasted everyone perfectly especially neil and Andrew, I’ve always wanted lucky Blue Smith to be Andrew, it’s absolutely the perfect thing. I JUST LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE A GENIUS.

    Liked by 1 person


      oh my god,,,,, you truly GET this I’m so blessed. i’m here for the drama and the crowd going absolutely wild and violent and oh god THE CREATIVE SWEARING

      i’d want a netflix show JUST so that someone could make compilations of “neil josten pissing off authority figures for ten minutes straight” (if this were irl, I s2g Andrew would watch that video multiple times)

      i’m LOSING my mind thinking what it’d be like if andrew narrates neil’s visuals: “and then of course the dumbass decides to open that filthy mouth of his and piss off the fucking mafia. i’m going to kill him. or kiss him. either one” IM CRYING CAN THIS BE CANNON ALREADY

      i know i’ve said this before but i appreciate you so v much, thanks for always screaming about this w me 💛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YOU MUSTN’T BE SRRY NIMS, if anyone gets life going to shit, it is me + oh god Andrew would love watching that video compilations of neil being a disaster to authorities for 10 minutes, he would acknowledge it for the gift it truly is

        Also ““and then of course the dumbass decides to open that filthy mouth of his and piss off the fucking mafia. i’m going to kill him. or kiss him. either one” === you need to write the script u genius i love this so muchhh, I MISS ANDREW

        +I appreciate and love you toooooo, how is is possible that we are so alike, like, excuse me but our friendship is beautiful c: c: c:

        Liked by 1 person

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