a bunch of mixtapes

so this gal has her board exams starting from literally tomorrow (~send help~) and that’s why i’m obviously shoving more playlists down your throats.

i’m sorry. lol.

the past few weeks have been so exhausting and music was literally one of the only things getting rid of my stress so i made a bunch of new playlists.

i cannot wait for march 15th because that’s when i’ll finally be able to breathe and sleep. y’all. sleep. what a beautiful concept. if you don’t have anything immediately pressing, please go to sleep. appreciate sleep. love it. marry it.

while i continue to ignore its presence

coffee & all-nighters

hair tied back into messy knots, dark strands falling across foreheads with glasses pushed back on noses; soft sweaters and coffee mugs, books and papers and pens and laptops on the sheets, earphones dangling from the edges; dark circles and pale cheeks and bitten nails, tired smiles and frenzied brains.

come thru// jeremy zucker

ode to sleep // twenty one pilots

non-stop // hamilton, the musical

better // onerepublic

stressed out // twenty one pilots

listen here

kill your sweethearts

i want to kiss you in the rain
and i want to remember
the taste of your lips,
the weight of your body against mine,
and the sound of your quiet sigh.
will you, then, not let my wishes be in vain?
won’t you, then, kiss me in the rain?
so, remember me, sweetheart,
remember me when we’re broken and lost and gone,
and i’ll remember you
through all the sunsets and the dawns.

writer in the dark // lorde

when the party’s over // billie eilish

the broken hearts club // gnash

meantime // chappell roan

promise // ben howard

fingertips // onerepublic

listen here

hit pause on the wild & foolish

so wait here, dear, and close your eyes.
close your eyes and soak it all in.
the late hours and the bright clothes, the music and the silence, the warm breaths of laughter and the sheer impossibility of being young and in love with the world.

kids // onerepublic

seventeen // alessia cara

strawberries and cigarettes // troye sivan

party tattoos // dodie clark

we are young // fun ft. janelle monae

never grow up // taylor swift

listen here

i’m gonna go get stressy & depressy now.


7 thoughts on “a bunch of mixtapes”

  1. I hope you’ll feel better soon, stressful exam times are the worst, I can totally relate and you deserve a break! Seeing dodie and Taylor Swift in those playlist made me really happy (also Lorde) 😍 Get as much rest as you can, and March 15th will be here quickly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh my god, reading this made me so so happy, thank you so much ❤ ❤
      my exams are finally over and i've rested and am BACK (hopefully lol) so it feels amazing.
      and YES, dodie and TS are <3. I'm actually listening to Lorde right now as I'm typing this so I totally feel the vibes lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. best of luck for your exams, sending you all the strength, positive vibes and love! ❤ ❤
    i love your playlists so much, I LOVE One Republic and Taylor Swift so much! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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