me ranting about endgame and losing my sh*t because emotional stability who? idk her

in short, this is no logical review. it’s just me ranting about my favorite endgame scenes and also losing my sanity along the way. enjoy.

  • tony recording the message for pepper and ending it with, “know that i’m thinking about you. because it’s always you.”
  • when tony comes back and has the whole meltdown directed at Cap and references the “if we lose, then we’ll do it together, too” scene from age of ultron and asks him to explain why he wasn’t there with him when he needed him
  • meanwhile thor is just sitting there in a stony calm because boi is pissed off 
  • the scene where the entire gang just fucking attacks thanos, cuts off his arm and thor straight up chops his head off. that scene bleeds vengeance and fully unleashed fury. 
  • “i went for the head”
  • when scott lang finally reaches the open street and asks the boy riding the cycle what the hell happened on earth and the boy looks back without stopping and just stares at him with his eyes full of bitterness and anger,,, that scene gave me chills
  • the rest of the avengers’ reaction to the possibility of saving everyone: tony refuses to believe because he’s too scared and broken, thor is a mess and in denial but he quietly agrees and then clint who just looks at nat with pain in his eyes and tells her softly to not give him hope
  • btw still bitter that thor and jane didn’t work out
  • “love you 3000” do i even need to talk about this
  • no
  • no, i don’t
  • when they traveled back to new york, 2012- the battle from the first avengers gave me a full blown nostalgia attack about the simpler times
  • back in asgard, seeing loki toss that apple made me so genuinely happy, i swear everyone in the entire goddamned theater was grinning just for that two second scene
  • howard stark’s driver was named jarvis! and his voice! was! the! same! (cue a chorus of “ohhhhhh” from everyone in the room lol)
  • “hail hydra” + the goddamn smirk on cap’s face = me ded
  • *gleeful voice* “i’m still worthy!”
  • steve checking out steve’s ass: “it is america’s ass”
  • when nat fell from the cliff. that whole scene. the first time i cried in the movie. it kills me that nat and bruce never worked out.
  • “whatever it takes”
  • “Did she have any family?” “Yes. Us.”
  • the scene after hulk snaps his finger and scott is looking at the sky, sees the enemy ship and in a split second, the whole place gets bombed down and blown up
  • i was straight up cussing the fuck out of that lil shit when he attacked with his army 
  • when gamora tries to tell evil nebula that she can change and nebula just finally breaks down all her defenses and replies with, “he wouldn’t ever let me” with the most pained expression of desperation on her face before she gets shot down
  • when tony, cap and thor look at thanos, knowing it’s a trap and still decide to fight- most importantly, thor finally coming back to himself with lightening in his eyes and thunder in the sky
  • ok but the scene where thanos is going to kill thor and his hammer starts rising up slowly (me thinking: um so the hammer is obviously sentient and is going to save thor itself) and THEN WE SEE CAPTAIN FUCKING AMERICA HOLDING HIS HAND OUT LIKE THE MOTHERFUCKING WORTHY PIECE OF SHIT THAT HE IS AND BEATING THE GODDAMNED WILL TO LIVE OUT OF THE DERANGED PURPLE GRAPE, i swear to god, every single person in the theater lost their ever loving shit and we all just collectively s c r e a m e d at the screen for twenty seconds straight in pure disbelieve and joy
  • it was phenomenal
  • it was surprisingly refreshing to see thanos actually pissed off and evil as hell in this movie bc the know-it-all do-gooder calm thanos pissed me the fuck off
  • not gonna lie, by the time thanos has almost destroyed Cap, the armies are marching up and the ship starts descending, i had pretty much forgotten about all of our vanished heroes and even when sam calls cap and black panther appears, i’m just plain stunned because im a dumbass and then the golden portals start appearing and it hits me like a fucking truck that WE HAVE AN ARMY OF OUR OWN and then oH My gOd PETER PARKER SHOWS UP AND DOCTOR STRANGE AND BUCKY AND I AM MOST DEFINITELY NOT OKAY
  • but fuck that because the whole scene of everyone coming together and lining up at the war front with peter crouched and tony in his iron man pose WITH THE AVENGERS THEME MUSIC FINALLY PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND LIKE THE MOTHERFUCKING CRESCENDO OF EMOTION and then just the split second of steve right in front of the whole army with his shield up and a Bitch, Come At Me look saying, “avengers, assemble” for the last fucking time before all hell breaks lose and BOOM
  • i’m crying and laughing and cheering and just gripping my friend’s hand as the whole fighting segment goes down
  • when peter and tony finally meet and peter starts rambling off like his usual self and tony just about crushes him in a bear bug also known as the moment where i gave up all pretenses of calm and lost my barely existential chill
  • scarlett witch landing in front of thanos in all of her dazzling maroon glory and fuckin dropping down mountains of rock on his head like the fucker had it coming
  • i mean, crushing thanos in his own armor? iconic
  • when captain marvel finally arrives to take the gauntlet from peter and all the badass chicks surround him looking beautiful and savage and pissed off
  • at one point, thanos is just getting dragged through the mud and it is so goddamn satisfying 
  • i’m not emotionally ready to talk about this but when thanos is about to snap his finger again and doctor strange just looks at tony and raises his index finger we knew
  • we fucking knew
  • ‘I…am….Iron Man
  • we knew
  • so yeah, i was audibly sobbing 
  • peter just falling in front of tony and telling him that they won and tony just staring back not replying with that glassy look in his eyes and peter breaks down crying (intense flashback to “mr stark i don’t feel so good” btw) and then pepper comes and smiles at tony and tells him it’s time to rest-
  • i cried through the entire funeral scene like the loser that i am and then just became numb to all the jokes and surprises after that
  • i mean i barely batted an eyelash at cap going back and becoming old and giving sam the shield
  • i was just numb because tony stark, you motherfuckers
  • iron. man.
  • “proof that iron man has a heart” listen he ate heart for breakfast
  • i think the thing after this that hurt the most was the entire theater just sitting there through the credits because of course we sit through the credits and then there being no post credit scene
  • that shit hurt 
  • speaking of which, the credits themselves were so fascinating with the signature of the actors and their superhero personas
  • so, in retrospect: infinity war is the best villain movie and endgame is the best superhero movie
  • the russo bros killed it: the movie showed the anger and the desperation of the heroes, it didn’t just bring everyone back and poof everything’s fine- the five year wait made everything and everyone gritty and dark and bitter, it showed our broken heroes and the surging hope, the unity, it was funny and most of all, it was exhilarating with all those unexpected scenes that give you all the feels but it was just as much emotional and made you cry with all your emotions at 100%
  • anyway, i am wrecked
  • send emotional stability
  • bye

11 thoughts on “me ranting about endgame and losing my sh*t because emotional stability who? idk her”

  1. omg i thought i was the only one who didn’t give a shit what happened after tony’s death. i was just shaking my head the whole time, completely in denial even though i knew this would happen. didn’t give a fuck about what steve was doing.

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  2. GIRL YOU DON’T KNOW?? jarvis was the starks’ butler and basically raised tony. j.a.r.v.i.s. is based on jarvis. because tony loves jarvis. and now he doesn’t have jarvis nor j.a.r.v.i.s.. wait no… NOW HE’S DEAD kill me

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