april & may wrap up + me not having my shit together (surprise, surprise)

it’s that time of the month where i talk about the books i read two months ago.

it’s not even a joke at this point, this is literally my blog schedule.

one day, i’ll get my shit together. today is not that day.

i read 20 books in april + may and my eyes = crying. i so desperately need to jump on the audiobook train before i go blind.


skyward | ★★★★★

this book deserves every star i have to give along with all my love and appreciation because oh my god, what absolute genius?? if any of y’all are brandon sanderson stans, 1). i totally get it now b/c WOW and 2). convince me to read the mistborn trilogy PLEASE i just need a push

aurora rising | ★★★

in short, i might have been disappointed. ok so my expectations were maybe a bit too high (i mean, have you read illuminae?) but the whole thing just didn’t click for me. the whole trope of outcasts getting together to commit crimes/save the world is getting sorta common now so you have to do it really well to pull it off and still come across as unique but everything in aurora rising felt like you’ve seen it before. i still have hopes for book 2, tho.

the music of what happens | ★★★★

two boys working at a food truck in the sweltering summer while slowly falling in love, having 2 am adventures and also multiple personal crisis? sign me up. it also deals w/ heavier topics of sex, rape and consent.

skyward- brandon sanderson

the replacement crush | ★★

i don’t really remember what this book was even about except it included a cute romance and the main character is a book blogger so yay

autoboyography | ★★★★

i have a weird relationship with christina lauren books because while the plot of every book sounds SO GOOD, i usually end up not really caring about the characters or the relationship halfway through. THIS BOOK, on the other hand? wow. i love tanner and sebastian and i love tanner’s family (10/10 simon vs the homo sapiens agenda family vibes) and i love his comfortable relationship with his best friend. also, tanner has no chill: dude just showed up at seb’s campus with buckets full of asian food after meeting him ONCE and then questioned if he was being too direct with his crush. tbh, i’d be impressed if you get me food too so who’s complaining.

speechless | ★★★★

i will read anything that hannah harrington writes. this book includes:

  • mean girl goes through social isolation after screwing up and standing up for the right thing in the end
  • she vows to stop speaking (long story)
  • she finds a small group of friends who basically adopt her and it’s like a found family of weirdo friends
  • a really cute romance
autoboyography- christina lauren

the anatomical shape of a heart | ★★★★

i remember i read two jenn bennett books in one day because it was just that kind of a day. this might be my favorite jenn bennett book, next to starry eyes

180 seconds | ★★★

the first 50% of this book was pretty dope but the rest was too cheesy and unrealistic so *shrugs* idk fam

serious moonlight | ★★★★

listen, i liked this book but maybe not loved it? it just didn’t absolutely kill me w/ giddiness like the rest of JB (you know, justin bieber) books and let me tell you, i am devastated on my own behalf


wolfsong | ★★★★★

is this book my new favorite thing? yes. will i absolutely give my life to the characters of the bennett pack? also, yes. 10/10 found family trope, y’all.

queen of air and darkness | ★★★★★

ok YES i was a coward and avoided reading this book for like 6 months b/c i knew it would break me and guess what? i am broken and i don’t know what to do w/ myself. i need more of everything in this masterful trilogy. will there ever be a family i love more than the blackthorns? unlikely, my bros.

the flatshare | ★★★★

this was v cute and domestic. the two main characters communicate solely through post it notes in the first half of the book and as a socially shriveled up raisin, i appreciate that.

again, but better | ★★★

don’t get me wrong, i did enjoy reading this book but it just felt too… awkward? the characters and the dialogue, especially. maybe i’d enjoy it as a movie more than a book.

the butterfly project | ★★★★

a graphic novelist and an ex-con share a small apartment together and form a cute friendship-crush while working through their demons, GIVE ME THIS PLOT ANYTIME and i shall eat it up

to make monsters out of girls | ★★★

this was so GORGEOUS. i mean, the art and the font pleased my eyes. as for the actual content, i did appreciate the message regarding toxic relationships and the jagged way it was written in (very artsy) but i wasn’t really impressed by the poetry in general. i’m just saying, arranging the words differently does not a poem make.

you asked for perfect | ★★★★

high school just got over for me and i’m still neck deep in college applications and interviews so reading this book was like suddenly drowning in all of those coffee induced all nighters and stress attacks, which is precisely why this book is so important. 4 stars along with the multiple breakdowns i almost had on Ariel’s behalf.

rush | ★★★

classical music and blind rep, wasn’t really into it tho

harry potter and the philosopher’s stone | ★★★★★ (reread)

i’ve decided to reread the harry potter books this year after a *long* time and long story short, reading them feels like home. you better fuckin’ believe this battered old copy of the first edition is going to college w/ me.

fake it till you break it | ★★★★

y’all. enemies to lovers + fake dating done WELL, i’m a sap for this cute romance.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nimik.png


i didn’t really blog as much as i would’ve liked to but i mean, AT LEAST i didn’t disappear like i usually do

lemme know your thoughts on the books mentioned above! ❤

26 thoughts on “april & may wrap up + me not having my shit together (surprise, surprise)”

  1. So jealous that you read 20 books between April & May. May for me has been one of my worst reading months probably ever, lol. I’ve only read three books UGHH. It looks like you’ve read a lot of great books and so many that I have been wanting to read for so long now. Especially The Anatomical Shape of a Heart and Serious Moonlight. If I don’t get out of this reading slump soon, I may cry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ok but have you seen my social life? it’s down there buried under the ashes somewhere xD (like my eyes).
      don’t stress it, you’ll come across a book w/ the exact plot you need to get over the slump and it’ll be great, i know it (might i suggest jenn bennett books :p)
      tysm 💕

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  2. Okay YES Tanner’s family was giving me Spier family vibes, too! I just love both of those families with all my heart.😭❤️

    You read a lot of books in the past few months that I want to get around to- You Asked for Perfect, any Jenn Bennett book, and AGH I want to do a reread of Harry Potter too. I just miss Hogwarts way too much *cries*

    I hope you have an amazing July!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’ve read some amazing books in the past months, yay! I’m so glad you liked these two Jenn Bennett books, both were so great, I loved the anatomical shape SO much! ❤ And ahh You Asked For Perfect, such a great (and stressful and relatable) read! ❤
    I hope you're having a lovely reading month ❤

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  4. I’m so jealous of how FAST YOU READ!

    (But yes, definitely give a break to those poor eyes before you go blind, that’d be terrible. You need to read all my books before you’re allowed to go blind, and I need to finish them first!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHA i have no life truly, audrey, that’s my secret

      you’re SO right, i need to protect my poor eyes but if you think weak eyes will keep me from reading EVERYTHING that you write, you’re absolutely wrong 😤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I plan on reading Skyward & Aurora Rising at some point for sure! Now I’m curious to see what I think of them both. I have such high expectations for Aurora Rising, maybe I should lower them a bit before I get to reading it? I have yet to finish my reread of The Mortal Instruments, but once I do & read Tales from Shadowhunter Academy, I’ll finally read The Dark Artifices for the first time, I’m really excited! I’ll just need to plan for tissues. A lot of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. both of them are excellent books, dw, you’re going to love them. skyward is my absolute favorite tho and i bet it’ll be yours too!!

      it’s like, objectively, AR isn’t even bad but after reading something like Illuminae, it just feels? a bit drab? MAYBE YOU’LL STILL LOVE IT THO.

      omg YES, buy a whole box of tissues to prepare for TDA b/c it will break your heart and that’s a promise.

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  6. im breaking my blogging hiatus for this VERY important post. first of all, bish im so proud of you reading all these books while dealing with school and life ???our very own queen. (and yes you need to get on to audiobooks, they are scientifically proven to save lives)

    i cant believe you called jenn bennett justin bieber how will i ever unsee this. i seriously need to read the anatomical shape of a heart soooooon, gimme the cute contemps. i started flatshare a couple days ago and didnt touch it bc of the readathons im drowning myself in but you just marketed it as ‘domestic and cute’ has me SOLD

    im convinced that ‘fake it till you break it’ was meant to destroy me bc im weak for all those tropes and now i have to prioritize like 6 books thanks for making my immediate tbr control my life nimika i appreciate it (no snark, i truly do)
    anyways im so happy you’ve had just great reading months and i best be seeing more of your posts on my twitter feed bc thats the only thing motivating me to come back to blogging

    okay HAPPY READING (thats an order!!!! 😤😤😤)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *screams* excuse me, bish, but you just made me so. happy. by breaking your hiatus by commenting here? i’m so honoured?

      YOUVE CONVINCED ME TO READ MISTBORN, I JUST NEEDED THE LIL PUSH and now i’m on my way to becoming brandon sanderson trash (wbk this was gonna happen)


      Ilysm and i shall keep popping up on your twitter feed (and DMs) b/c that’s what one does 😭💛

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  7. Congratulations on reading so many books! Blogging is a challenge and most of us don’t have our shit together, we just have to pretend. All these recommendations are going to grow my TBR to an unrealistic amount, but the synopsis’ all look so intriguing!
    Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are very welcome! I’m reading more than usual and I still haven’t written reviews for the books I read last week. Still, I’ll try and get it done today.
        What are you reading?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. currently, i’m reading this graphic novel/webcomic called On A Sunbeam; it’s about this girl travelling in space with a working crew trying to find her girlfriend from school. the art is so breathtakingly beautiful, you should definitely give it a try!
        i’m also trudging v slowly through a YA crime thriller called Killing November b/c the cover looked interesting lol. thanks for asking!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I need to get into graphic novels because you can speed through them and the illustrations are always so admirable. I’ve heard of Killing November, I hope you get through it soon. Thrillers are one of my favourite genres.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. i’ve only recently started reading graphic novels but YES, they’re fun to read, quick to finish AND all that beautiful art is 😍

        i suggest you go for fence by cs pacat, heartstopper by alice oceman and bloom by kevin panetta 😊

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