JUNE WRAP UP // angsty dramas + fav queer books + me liking this month a lot. yep.


so, apparently, i’m just going to go off and title an actual blog post that. it’s fine, i’m a professional.


not to be positive or anything but june might just have been the best month/summer of my life and i am a-okay with that. really. life could occasionally just throw me a couple of months like this and i won’t even be too dark and edgy on this blog.

everything is absolutely fine (this is a lie) and for once, i’m not even being too sarcastic about it. I KNOW, who am i?????

we’re just going to avoid the pool of anxiety about me going off to college and living on my own in like TEN days b/c i am doing GREAT on the denial thing.

in reality, the month was FAR from perfect.

that’s right, losers, edgy nimika is back

i cried quiet a bit b/c haha imagine every college and life transition related anxiety, multiply it by ten and then unload all of it on one smol nerd w/ zero emotional stability. i, of course, being the pro at avoiding conflicts that i am, refused to leave my bed and binged bad dramas on my laptop for hours.

BUT LET ME FOCUS ON THE AFOREMENTIONED DRAMA. i watched history 3: trapped; it’s a taiwanese drama about a police officer and a gang leader who HATE each other very much. this show is literally about a mobster and every other gang member thirsting over him. everyone is gay.

it’s got awkward, over the top dialogue, the most CHEESY scenes, disastrous gays, the background music is awful and you’ll literally die laughing at the plotline b/c this is literally a badly written fan-fiction come to life.

so, yeah, obviously, i loved it.

it was exactly what a 3 Day Old Hoodie Wearing Me With a Hair Nest* needed. man, what a treat.

*listen, i pulled it off, okay? it’s almost not even a lie

i also finished brooklyn 99 (i miss jake peralta. i need a daily dose of b99 in my life tbh) and the good place (s3 isn’t available until august on netflix and i am a very unhappy human over it).

in movies, i watched detective pikachu, toy story 4 and annabelle comes home. all i have to say is, 1). we don’t deserve detective pikachu’s sad face, i almost died from the cuteness oh my god, 2). i miss andy and i demand an andy-woody reunion STAT even tho i will cry and 3). annabelle: creation was the real winner of the trilogy and that’s that on that.

basically, this month was sleepovers, pizza parties, movie dates, 3 am stargazing, katy perry karaokes, secret road trips and so many ice creams.


honestly, if you’re still reading, i see you and i love you.

i read a total of 15 books this month and increased my goodreads goal to 80 books b/c i was being a bit too unambitious lol. HERE WE GO.

we contain multitudes | ★★★★ (3.5 stars)

i was honestly loving this book BUT i’m just not chill with that ending

ravensong | ★★★★

tj klune pulls it off again and i am not surprised. i was not as invested in this book as wolfsong but i adore this series and the bennett pack is officially one of my fave fictional families

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo | ★★★★

i concede to the hype b/c yes, THIS BOOK IS EVERYTHING. i want to make evelyn hugo proud. this book is the most creative, masterfully crafted slytherin piece of literature to exist that i am 10/10 ready to worship it.

also can we talk about the scene where celia stakes her claim on evelyn by making the worst scrambled eggs in front of harry b/c y’all. come on.

leo loves aries | ★★★★★

i LOVE this book. we’ve got a sarcastic disaster and a responsible mr. perfect and it’s domestic and cutesy af

gemini keeps capricorn | ★★★★

i am a capricorn and i am also nothing like wes- who is responsible, mature and disciplined. i’m a bit hurt but it’s fine.

luna and the lie | ★★★

i liked this book but it dragged a lot and not in a typical mariana zapata slow burn way BUT it still had a lot of hurt-comfort and i’m trash for the trope

fence (vols 1-3) | ★★★★★

i’m all about the queer graphic novels, baby! no kidding, fence is my new obsession, right next to captive prince and aftg. it’s earned that spot. i don’t know WHAT is it with me but if you give me sports, queer rivals and angsty kids, I WILL EAT. IT. UP.

vol 4 won’t be released until 2020 tho so witness my remorse

bloom | ★★★★

while fence was all competition and sarcasm, bloom is the softest pastel heaven on a plate. it’s so beautiful and the illustrations of baking and food made me so. hungry. but also the love story between the two characters is adorable. i want to literally eat this book up.

also, if y’all have any favorite graphic novels, PLEASE RECOMMEND

fix her up | ★★★

i enjoyed like the first 30% but then quickly got bored. ngl, it was a little cringe. i mean, the love interest was nicknamed “two-bats” b/c of his reputation as a man-whore. dude.

pisces hooks taurus | ★★★

it was my least fave in the series BUT still pretty good

i wish you all the best | ★★★★

this book is sadder than the cover tricks you into believing but it’s just as hopeful and supportive. it was also the first book i’ve read w/ a non-binary mc and i’m so glad it was this one.

normal people | ★★★★

i was NOT expecting to be destroyed so thoroughly after reading this book. tbh i still don’t know how i feel about it except 1). it’s emotionally exhausting, 2). the prose is gorgeous and atmospheric, 3). the characters are very flawed but i still cared about them v much and 4). it’s not the kind of book that you love but it’s way too honest to allow you to look away from it for even a second

technically, you started it | ★★★★ (3.5 stars)

i was VERY excited for this book had way too many expectations from it but it didn’t quite pull through? i’m a let down potato but oh well. maybe 100% texting was doing it for me. however, i was on a kind of road-trip w/ my parents for a college tour when i was reading it and i came across this part where the mc talks about reading fluffy, light books for fun as even tho they aren’t exactly “bettering her as a person”, she doesn’t have to stress out about if she’d get into the right college, be able to afford it or if she would regret it when she’s worrying about two characters kissing AND LISTEN. I RESONATED SO HARD THAT IF I WERE A CHAMPAGNE FLUTE, I’D SHATTER.

i’m so proud of that analogy, i’m laughing @ my own jokes

let me know your opinions on the above books, shows and movies. what were some of your favorite stories this month? HOW ARE Y’ALL DOING W/ YOUR MENTAL HEALTH? soz for shouting but i hope everyone is thriving.

stay hydrated, kids

15 thoughts on “JUNE WRAP UP // angsty dramas + fav queer books + me liking this month a lot. yep.”

  1. Ah, I’m sorry to hear June wasn’t amazing for you!! Hoping July is better for you so far 💖 And ahh you read so many great books! I actually really hated We Contain Multitudes because the age gap just made me so uncomfortable 🙈 But I’m happy you loved Fence and Bloom — I’ve been wanting to read those for FOREVER (especially Fence), but my library doesn’t have them and I don’t like to buy comics/graphic novels 😭

    I hope your anxiety lessens!! You’re going to do great on your own 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you, may! july was definitely a lot more chill lmao 😅

      I KNOW RIGHT, age gaps in books make me *so uncomfortable* but in this case, the ending just didn’t sit well with me for /reasons/ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      dude, i hope your library comes around to somehow having Fence because MAY. it’s like TFC level crack and I DO NOT just toss that compliment out so easily (🤠)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh I hope that July and August will be better for you, I’m sending you all of the positive vibes, you can do it, you’ll be fantastic and it will all be good, here for you ❤ ❤
    EVELYN HUGO AHH. I love this book so so so sooooooooooo much, I cant stop thinkin about it, ever. I love it SO much. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. life is so much more than these darker time, remember that– they are just as important as the bright and happy times. but i hope the coming months are much more wonderful for you. this next chapter in your life is going to be so full of crazy experiences and wonder and drama and magic. your dreams are yours for the taking!! also…detective pikachu was so adorable it should be illegal.

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  4. Your posts are always so amazingly entertaining! (I thought the resonating joke was brilliant as well.) I really hope that your transition to college goes smoothly!
    I need to finish up the latest season of Brooklyn 99! Midway through I wasn’t loving it, so I figured I’d binge it once the season ended. AND I’M SO EXCITED TO WATCH THE GOOD PLACE! I got into the show a few months ago, but was distraught when I couldn’t find season 3 anywhere! I’m so excited to hear that I have such a short wait until I can watch it!
    You actually convinced me to pick up Leo Loves Aries! I’ve seen it around, and since I just got Kindle Unlimited, I decided to pick it up! And I actually was super disappointed in Fix Her Up. I didn’t like it much at all. Bloom, on the other hand, I ADORED. I have so many graphic novels to recommend, but just to keep things short: Kiss Number 8, On a Sunbeam, the Scott Pilgrim series (super weird, but lots of fun), Alex + Ada, and The Cardboard Kingdom! I’ve decided to stop while I’m ahead since this is already turning into a super lengthy comment! I hope you have a wonderful rest of vacation with some more excellent reads!

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    1. your comment made my entire day, Malka, tysm 💕

      omg you appreciating my lame jokes is all the validation i need :’)

      binging b99 is ALWAYS the right way to go. i cannot. WAIT. for the next season. hope you enjoy the rest of the episodes!
      right?? it’ll HOPEFULLY be available on Netflix soon and then i’m devouring it

      CONGRATS ON THE KINDLE, your reading shall now be unlimited and i, for one, am THRILLED about that 👏
      i bet you’d love Leo Loves Aries (plz do, i really like that book).

      you’d be happy to know that when i first read your comment a couple of days ago, i IMMEDIATELY started On A Sunbeam and i plan on finishing it tonight so THANK YOU for that 😭

      i adore you for this lovely comment 💛


  5. I’m sorry that June wasn’t so good for your mental health. We all have dips, mine are usually around May (yes, it’s annual 😂). I really enjoyed this long post full of book reviews, and I look forward to seeing more from you! I love this blog very much,
    Erin x

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  6. Sorry to hear that your June didn’t go well: hopefully your July was better! And yes, I understand about the college transition stress! I went through that last year and was SUPER stressed, but then once the school year started, it went surprisingly smoothly! Here’s to hoping that college is going well! ❤


  7. “i cried quiet a bit b/c haha imagine every college and life transition related anxiety” oh no it’s me. “being the pro at avoiding conflicts that i am, refused to leave my bed” i feel SO called out rn omg. “so, yeah, obviously, i loved it.” OH ITS ME LMAO THATS SO TRUE. pls don’t show any more pictures of the movie poster from pikachu ITS TOO CUTE I WANT TO LOOK AT IT FOREVER. WHY DOES HE LOOK SO FLUFFY AND SOFT??? (and how do you make upside down question marks in this comment section? this wouldve been so much more authentic with upside down question marks i feel fake now). “basically, this month was sleepovers, pizza parties, movie dates, 3 am stargazing, katy perry karaokes, secret road trips and so many ice creams.” oh boy, im so happy for you, this sounds heavenlyyyyy. + i really want to and need to read normal people because —

    therapist: what do your do with your own hurt and sadness?
    me: ignore it and invest yourself in fictional characters hurt and sadness
    therapist: no

    that kinda answers the mental health question but i AM WORKIN ON IT. I have started to write about it less in my blogs posts (when i post, well, if i post) so that i don’t fall back into sadness and stress after i’ve come out of it for the moment. so thumbs up for trying my best!! i’m keepin my fingers so very crossed for you at collegeee. you’ve got this, i believe in u. ❤


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