3.8.19- college series, 1

hi, hey, hello

this is me speaking from my bedroom, wearing my favorite sweatshirt and trying to remember how words are used to form sentences. i’ve almost got it.

i don’t really know what this series is going to be except that i want to document my college life *somehow* (i know, i’m a documentation obsessed freak) so we’re doing this, apparently.

it won’t really be that interesting tbh but it’s mostly just for me to remember when i’m 65 and reminiscing on the good ol’ days lol

SO. the tea is that your girl is finally leaving for cOLLegE tomorrow. i’m not really sure if i’m totally aware of the fact that i’m actually moving out like WHAT is that strange concept.

we went dorm shopping last night and dude, buying your own towel is an enlightening experience. ngl, i really felt like an adult when i chose the towel color. look at me making big decisions woohoo

we also went to this adorable store called miniso. it’s a japanene merch store and it’s got the cutest little stuff you could imagine from stationary to polar bear capes to coffee mugs, all in soft pastel shades. basically, every college student’s dream come true. #notspon

also, snacks. man, we got a lot of snacks. i’m bringing a wholeass jar of garlic chilly dip.

at least i’ll have my snaccs

packing was lowkey a disaster because i SWEAR i keep forgetting stuff and i know i’m going to somehow end up not bringing something crucial and then regret it so looking forward to that :))))

my dad made these tiny med kits for every possible health related situation b/c 1). yes i’m an actual child and 2). he worries a lot and it’s possibly the most adorable thing ever. i tried v hard not to tear up a bit over that.

thanks, dude

ANYHOO. the adults in my life are way more worried than i am and keep feeding me random trivia about college life and How Not To Make A Fool Of Yourself, Nimika. it’s just as fun as it sounds.

this is a tiny playlist b/c i need the drama of music, leave me alone~

older / sasha sloan

never grow up / taylor swift

spirits / the strumbellas

older– sasha sloan
never grow up– taylor swift
spirits– the strumbellas


10 thoughts on “3.8.19- college series, 1”

  1. my guy, this is literally the best thing ever xD snacks are vERY imPOrtANT. I have this weird mindset, like permanently engrained in my mind, that goes like “what if i have to move today or tomorrow?” so literally, all my stuff (or most) are in boxes or stored in such a way that everything is easily accessible and easy to move around if need be … idk if that’s some form of anxiety or something hahaha, but at least i know i won’t have to worry about forgetting something!

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    1. YES to all of that! it’s just been one day here but for some reason i’m never hungry (yet).
      i totally understand the anxiety! my roommate hasn’t arrived yet so i have the room to myself for now and i LOVE that. i have no clue what it’s gonna be like once she arrives tho. i’m worried about my stuff just kind of being exposed in the open for now lol. tysm! 💛

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      1. oh girl, that’ll be interesting! I’ve never thought about what it would be like to share a room with someone other than my sister, whom I’ve shared a room with literally all my life. well, best of luck to you!!!

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  2. I love the idea of this series! I always say I want to document my life, and then I never do! I hope you have a great time at college! As a current college student I have to say that you’re already ahead of the game if you understand the necessity of good snacks! Also, your dad’s med kits made me “awwww” out loud! That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve seen. 💕 Can’t wait to hear how everything goes in the next installment!

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  3. I LOVE THIS. I agree that Doritos are important and also the fact that your dad made you all those medical kits is seriously the cutest and sweetest thing ever.😭Also, Never Grow Up is the perfect leaving-for-college song and I cry every time I listen to it ngl??

    I hope college life is going well so far!!

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  4. hi this is your asian blogger mom popping in to say that i AM VERY PROUD OF YOU LOOK AT YOU BE A FULL GROWN ADULT :”)
    pls keep documenting your college life bc this is the highlight of my blogging career, this is the amazing, interesting content that ive been waiting for (this is also me living wildly through you)
    buying doritios and towels in the same trip is the most Adult experience ever
    i hope youre having a great time and settling in well and everything is going great and you’re living your best life


  5. OMG! You’re going to college! I’m reading this so late you’re actually IN COLLEGE RN! Such a big step! I’ve actually never really lived in a college dorm because my uni was so close to home, (and also I didn’t really went to uni that much oups). But I did a lot of hostels’ dorms in my travels ahah, so I guess that’s where I looked at adulthood real hard in the eyes and felt like a new audrey. But decorating your dorm and stuff SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!

    Few things I’d like to point out.
    1. Doritos are VERY important.
    2. omg the med kits your dad is the cutest!
    3. storage containers are a big part of my life. i would have a mental breakdown without storage containers. storage containers save lives.
    4. PLEASE MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF SOMETIMES NIMIKA it makes the best stories mouahaha


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