5 More Comfort Books // recent faves!

this is the first time i’m writing a blog post *not* on my laptop and i can practically feel like something is missing. i miss my laptop but i don’t have it on me in college yet so high five from a random computer lab that i found by accident.

i did a comfort books recommendation post recently and listen, i got you more. these are the books that make your smol heart cry but also comfort it because sometimes, it’s all you need to feel better. also, these books have lots soft-intense romance and we’re all trash for that.

Heartache and Hope by Jay McLean

i’ve been SCREAMING about this duology ever since i read it last month because oh my god, it’s one of the most softest, emotional and sweetest YA contemporaries out there.

heartache and hope is about a girl who’s drowning in the grief of her broken home and a boy trying to save her. the characters are so refreshing. they both act like teenagers but they’re also mature and funny and cool. also, family! friendship! sibling love! i’m not even kidding, this book is perfect and you should go add it to your tbr. like, right now. thank.

From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata

this, right here, is my favorite mariana zapata book and i’m calling it. it’s got all the right tropes: enemies to best friends to lovers, constant banter, childish bickering, big family with idiot juice in their veins, but oh, the AFFECTION, the whole “taking care of the other when they’re sick” and telling them to stfu b/c too fucking bad, you’re still getting a hug from me after your bad day.

i adore this book.

Rhapsodic by Laura Thalassa

this is probably the first and only book where i actually enjoyed the flashback trope. rhapsodic is an urban fantasy romance, famously compared to ACOMAF in the whole “court of night” part, amongst other things. however, it’s also (partially) the story of a sweet friendship between a scared 16 y/o who’s still trying to recover from the trauma of her past and the king of the night court (or something?) aka “the bargainer” who reluctantly becomes her safe place.

i really enjoyed the first book but i’m not sure if i want to continue the series so if anyone has read the series, lemme know if i should?

The Kissing Quotient by Helen Hoang

surprisingly, i didn’t talk about this book in my initial comfort books post so here it is. i’m pretty sure most who like reading contemporary romance loves this book.

stella has asperger’s and wants to master physical intimacy because of her insecurities related to past experiences, so she hires an escort, michael, to teach her. what follows is a sweet friendship and a steamy romance between the two that’s going to sweep you off your feet. i swear, i felt my heart getting warmer every time michael was just so instinctively aware of how to behave with stella, care for her and not make her feel like she’s an outsider.

also, it’s #ownvoices and from what i’ve heard, the autism rep is 10/10.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

it’s the enemies to lovers you didn’t know you needed.

basically, i’m a fan of the “person 1 is sick so even tho person 2 “hates” the other, they still care for them b/c #hiddenfeelings” trope which, yes, exists and slaps.

this book also has the “i hate you but also i need you and can we please just sit on your couch at night, eat ice cream and watch terrible medical dramas” trope which i just created because it deserves a category of its own.

i’d write more but 1). i’m starving because i missed breakast for early classes and skipped lunch to work on this post so pls appreciate me and 2). i’ve got a class, like, 5 minutes ago and your girl needs to run.

stay hydrated and don’t skip meals, bros.

9 thoughts on “5 More Comfort Books // recent faves!”

  1. ugh nimika i’m going to drop everything im reading and pick up ‘from lukov with love’ and it’s going to be all your fault. i hope youre proud of yourself.
    ALSO DONT SKIP MEALS you better be staying hydrated and full, just bc you’re a proper adult now doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be rebellious when it comes to meal times. you hear 🤨


  2. ahhhhhhh I’m all for soft comfort reads and all the contemporary reads, THANK YOU for all of these recommendations! ❤ I haven't read any of these books, The Kiss Quotient and The Hating Game are on my TBR already though and they sound SO good. And aerm hello I am so very hyped about From Lukov with Love now it sounds really really good. Thank youuu for the wonderful recommendations! ❤


  3. hahahahah I’m dying: “I’ve got a class like 5 minutes ago” XD.
    That was me literally to every class I’ve ever been to.
    I don’t write comfort books at all (I’m all about making my darlings suffer mouhaha) but I do love to read comfort books! I really want to give the Kiss Quotient a try soon! 😀


  4. ❤️okay i’ve been on an unplanned hiatus from blogging since the end of july of 2019 so i missed a LOT and now i’m scrambling to pick up and check out all that i have missed — which means that i DID NOT know that you mentioned from lukow with love which is probably my favorite romance book forever. and now i have to, really i must do it, scream about it to you. because it’s so so slow-burn! featurs rivals-to-friends-to-lovers! perfectionist mc! bickering! banter! comfort trope 11/10. i adore everything about it. thank you for blessing us with this piece of romantic heaven, mariana zapata, queen of my heart. ps: i really love the hating game, too, but that’s a ramble for another day lmao. pss: i reaLLY REALLY want to read rhapsodic but i just can’t find a cheap copyyyy. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person


      AHHHHHH I 10/10 AGREE. i had read multiple mariana zapata books before from lukov with love so i definitely did NOT expect that book to hit me the way it did. it literally took all the tropes i love in a romance and gave me this perfect version of a rollercoaster love story like yes thank you ver much for this piece of exquisite literature.

      the hate to love, the BICKERING but also the fucking BEST hurt/comfort trope i’ve ever read. i loved the family drama so so much. it was honestly perfect and i will cry about this fact for two hours 😭

      Liked by 1 person


        from lukov with love is so so so good at catching your heart and then just squeezing it a little bit tighter as the book goes on. like, “mariana why you doing us like that. but also: continue”.

        the BICKERING I KNOW RIGHT. i already have the urge to write in caps again but i feel like i have overused my quota for the day!! mariana zapatas books are just so all caps worthy ah. i absolutely 10/10 love the family dynamics; just the complex emotions that were attached to their scenes has me on my knees 😭


  5. Agh, Heartache and Hope, From Lukov With Love, and The Kissing Quotient all look so good, but I’m going to have to wait until the libraries open again to check them out. If I buy them right now, I know I’ll finish them too fast. I haven’t read The Hating Game, but I did read Sally Thorne’s other book, 99% Mine. The tension in that book is kind of mind-blowing. Have you read it?


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