me convincing y’all to read the murderbot diaries (i literally won’t shut up about it until you do)

here’s the thing.

i have a new obsession.

this is usually a great thing.

except when i refuse to shut up about it until everyone around me either converts to my religion (of rage reading books, of course) or throws something vaguely in the direction of my face (don’t).

*drumroll pls*

the murderbot diaries !!!

there are a total of five (5) books in the series BUT the first four are just really short novellas SO YOU CAN PRACTICALLY FLY THROUGH THEM.

imagine the boost your goodreads challenge is gonn get im JUST saying (yeah im not above playing dirty at this point)

what are these books about?

~allow me to pitch it to y’all~

all systems red (#1) is about a grumpy, sarcastic, socially awkward robot (imma throw in the same here), who is assigned to protect a bunch of human nerds (they’re like, stupid cute and emo i love them) from an evil corporation.

in this universe, something called “robot-human constructs” exist- robots with organic human parts- so they’re technically robots but with EMOTIONS. they’re called sec-units.

our main character calls itself murderbot (it’s ok we all have image insecurties) and its assigned to a group of research scientists aboard a spaceship travelling from planet to planet.

it’s just another regular assignment and murderbot plans to spend it the way it usually does- by doing the absolute minimum, avoid any and all human interaction and watch its serials and shows in peace.


ah the representation

anyway as things tend to go, everything goes wrong. some corporate assholes keep trying to kill murderbot’s humans so it has to actually,,,, put in efforts and interact with humans lekdfrelf YALL IT IS SO FUCKING CUTE

murderbot really said, “i will kill anyone who lays a finger on my human but i will literally walk into the nearest ocean if anyone ever looks at me” and we just nodded and said “same”

if john mulaney was a robot and good at killing people, he would be murderbot. i will throw the receipts dont challenge me.

the sheer number of times someone looked at murderbot and it was like “i either need death or a vacation to deal with that amount of stress”

reasons to read murderbot diaries~

  • again, relatable robot who’s your spiritual mirror
  • the trope where a group of people just looks at that one stray individual and decides to make them a part of their family,, i will CRY
  • murderbot’s just like “i dont like confrontation pls ignore me” and the humans are like “bitch take all this affection we’re shoving at u”
  • this robot’s got anxiety dude the fucking beauty of that
  • there’s a super snarky AI and the PUREST smol robot in the next few novellas
  • also, these moods:


i want y’all telling me that you’ve added all systems red to your tbr.

come on.

sentient robots all over the world are counting on you.

14 thoughts on “me convincing y’all to read the murderbot diaries (i literally won’t shut up about it until you do)”

  1. Yes, yes, yes!! I adore this series so much! I swear I have so many highlights in these books because literally everything Murderbot says is hilarious? They’re my favorite character ever, and I wish all sci-fi could be like The Muderbot Diaries. I looked up so much fanart and memes while reading Network Effect (which was so good!!), and I can’t wait for the next book to come out. I commend you on your mission to convince everyone to read this series, and I wish you much success!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh man FINALLY someone from the blogging community who has read these books, you’re my fave person rn 😭
      my only mission in life is to convert as many people as i can to murderbot fans, i will die on this hill
      same, i have so many highlights???? it really is my kind of humor. so excited for the next book!!


      1. Hahaha AHH this comment makes me so happy!!!

        She did :)) Oh, and I’m confident that looking through your bookshelves helped me choose the other book I got her too–A Curse So Dark and Lonely.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like I’ve seen people raving about Murderbot forever, but no one has actually mentioned what it’s about, so this post absolutely 100% changed my opinion. Here I thought this was a passing SFF craze.

    Now I know I’m going to pick it up and let it obliterate me!! As it should!

    Great post, and thank you for putting this on my radar proper!


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