Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag // all i’ve done in 2020 is freak out

this is going to come as a surprise to you guys but i’m really good at freaking out about books

it’s kind of a hobby

the sheer audacity, the actual NERVE of this tag asking my overachiever ass to freak out only ONCE a year

in this house, we freak out throughout the year

i’ve read a total of 52 books till july

i hate the number, last year i was way ahead halfway through the year and i’m stressed as heck

what have i been reading?

i’m glad you asked

my soul purpose is to make these stats look impressive by the end of the year

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nimik.png



favorite 5 star reads ✨


i may or may not have put the throne of glass book #2 on a hold for, ahem, 3 months BUT i finally finished it AND the next one,,,,, WHICH IS ONE OF MY FAVE SJM BOOKS OF ALL TIME


i’ve been waiting for the next vol of fence for so long!!! unfortunately, it’s literally been so long that i’ve forgotten everything about it so i’m going to reread all the previous editions and then finally devour it

if you don’t know, this is a graphic novel series about gay fencing champions and it’s AMAZING

Amazon.com: Fence: Rivals eBook: Pacat, C.S., Johanna the Mad ...


the way these books are playing hard to get with me, i SEE u and it’s WORKING

i might do a post talking about all of these in detail b/c your girl is EXCITED


Lucky Caller by Emma Mills

DISCLAIMER: i wasn’t as much disappointed as just,,,,, not as pleased????? i will honestly read emma mills’ grocery lists so my expectations are really high but while i felt kinda good about lucky caller when i first read it, now i can barely recall the plot (and it pains me to think an emma mills book is forgetful)


#1 – beach read: i think all of us were expecting beach read to be a fluffy quick read but instead it attacked you with these hidden emotions and i’m here for that (also i ADORE gus)

#2 – everything beautiful is not ruined: i read a lot of ya contemporary and most of the time it’s very predictable but sometimes i come across a fresh voice that’s funny and emotional and so, so mature. this book is one of those.

#3 – all systems red: this book has been on my tbr FOREVER and i always kept ignoring it so IMAGINE my surprise when i ended up snorting the whole series in two days and then immediately ended up rereading it 😞


melina marchetta! i was absolutely doing injustice to myself by not reading her books sooner but i have made my amends :’)

Melina Marchetta (Author of On the Jellicoe Road)


idk if y’all have read derek landy’s skulduggery pleasant series (it’s one of my all time faves!) BUT a lot of people don’t know about demon road and oh god, y’all are missing out

demon parents on the hunt + roadtrip with monster car + the most fucking BEAUTIFUL girl power moments, holy shit + THE GODDAMN HUMOR

The Book Zone: Review: The Demon Road Trilogy by Derek Landy

if nothing else, read the books for parts like these:


oh man, ALL i’ve done this year is reread books but b/c i don’t add them to my gr goal it’s suffering worse than ever 🙂

yeah. barak obama isn’t surprised either.


they made me cry in the BEST WAY. the kind of cry where someone holds you tightly and it makes you cry even harder, y’know?????


the lumatere chronicles is breathing life into my soul and that’s that on that + you deserve each other made me the HAPPIEST out of all these books, i love it sm

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nimik.png

talk to me

what are your favorite books of 2020 so far? also, LINK your mid-year freakout tag if you’ve made one, i’d love to read it ❤

26 thoughts on “Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag // all i’ve done in 2020 is freak out”

  1. you deserve each other sounds like something I’d force myself to pick up and then adore it so who’s gonna enable me

    you rereading tfc and rwrb but not listing them was an IDIOT move, why wouldn’t you add themmmmmm. (but wholly agree they are worth rereading… I’m delaying rereading tfc because I know I’ll slump!)

    lovely post, mine was 4k words so congrats on keeping it short and sharp 😉

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    1. listen to me rhi i will PERSONALLY force you to read You Deserve Each Other (WHO’S STOPPING ME) and you’re going to LOVE IT, it was written in the stars, i don’t make the rules

      I KNOWWWWWW, I NEED YOU TO PUNCH ME IN THE FACE for not adding rereads to my gr count, IDK WHY I DON’T IT, it’s the idiot juice in me 😭


  2. Chana has told me so many times how good All Systems Red is but I somehow still haven’t picked it up! Maybe this summer I finally will because it really does sound fantastic and I can use some humor in my life!

    I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THE ROOMMATE! Sorry, I just had to get it out of my system. But it’s my most anticipated book for the entire rest of 2020, and I’ve been denied an early copy on NetGalley (which made me very sad), so I’m literally counting down the days until my pre-order arrives!

    Also, Red, White, and Royal Blue is the perfect book to re-read. I haven’t reread it in full yet, but there are so many times where I reach for that book and just read over some of my favorite scenes because I just need a dose of Alex and Henry in my life!

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    1. omg MALKA you hAVE to pick up ‘all systems red’!! i promise it’s funnier than i am and i know how hard of a feat that is (dont reply to this)

      ASDFGHJKL i think im still in denial about the roommate. i look at that blurb and i want this book IMMEDIATELY but the fact that i have to WAIT???? rude. but ok.

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  3. i’ve been wanting to read you deserve each other for the longest time after seeing so many people love it, and i hope i can pick it up soon! also yes i’m so excited for loveless 😭😭 and omg i completely agree with you about lucky caller, while it was a cute book it really fell flat compared to the rest of emma mills’ books and was kinda forgettable. :((

    this was such a great post, nimika!! i hope you’re able to have a lovely rest of your reading year ❤ (also, i recently found your blog and love it so much!!! your personality & writing style are the best, i really enjoy your posts and can’t wait for more 💞)

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    1. ok ash,,,,, you’re going to hAVE TO PICK UP YDEO and you’re going to LOVE it. then you’re going to wish you get amnesia so you reread it for the first time again. it’s a cycle of nerd.

      so glad you agree about lucky caller! as a professional emma mills booklover, i felt GUILTY writing that down but 😦 i had to 😦

      omg ash. listen. that’s one of the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me be about my blog and i will screenshot this and look at it forever, thank u sm 😭 i can’t wait to stalk your blog

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  4. I think it’s amazing that you’ve read 52 books so far! I am totally jealous, because this has not been my best reading year so far and I have only read about 24 books. I really want to read You Deserve Each Other, so I am glad to see that as a five star read for you! Bummer about Lucky Caller, I still need to read that one because I like Emma Mills books. I need to read Beach Read ASAP! Hoping I can read it before it gets returned back to my library, so I have a week to try to read it. Or I may just buy myself my own copy, haha.

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    1. omg THANK for the appreciation, the only ambitious bone i have in my body is for books lol so that’s completely on me, i think you’re doing great!! as long as you’re enjoying what you’re reading, iss all good.

      omg PLEASE read you deserve each other!! it single handedly breathe life into my soul and i had so. much. fun reading it xD

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  5. Omg laughing at that gif hahaha

    All this You Deserve Each Other hype ahhh I MUST READ IT. I’ve only recently gotten into adult romance so am only testing the waters but this one sounds fun.

    Also need to start the Fence series eeekkk, it sounds adorable and totally up my graphic novel alley *insert heart eyes*

    LOVE LOVE LOVED BEACH READ UGHHH!! Gus,,, we love him. Idk people said he was underdeveloped which I see why but I think that was intentional and that we got just enough.

    yay glad I’m not the only one who caved and reread rw&rb this year hehe. Bad life choices amirite

    Love all your answers

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    1. ma’am i would give you the bEST adult book recs, i have swam through those murky waters and my best recommendations are ready for you 😌

      i will FIGHT anyone who said gus is underdeveloped????? excuse ME, that man is soft and hurt and needs to be protected, full stoptd. glad you agree, our taste ✨

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  6. I love your pie charts!!
    I’m almost certain Fence is on my tbr.
    Okay, about Melina Marchetta. I remember realizing that I had to read her books because everybody was saying such good things about them, but when I read Jellicoe Road, I was really confused?? I couldn’t figure out if they were in an actually territory war or if it was this school tradition thing or if it was a dream.
    Wait, is Midnight Sun her new book coming out from Edward’s perspective?? I remember sending my friend who loves the Twilight series a screenshot when I saw in on Goodreads news, but I didn’t catch the name.
    I didn’t love Lucky Caller as much as Emma Mills’ other books, but also, she set the bar so high. I’m so excited for her Untitled book coming out though!! Ahaha, I looked it up on Goodreads and saw you already have it under Want to Read.
    Okay, some really good books I read this year that I think you could possibly find interesting: Long Bright River, Such a Fun Age, This is How It Always Is.

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    1. omg annie you HAVE to read fence, the angst excellence *chef’s kiss*

      ALLOW ME TO BREAK DOWN JR FOR YOU, it’d be my greatest pleasure: the territory wars WERE the school tradition, something silly but serious, BUT it was created by webb’s gang in the past and it was meant to be about love and friendship but turned into rivalry and competition in the present storyline,,, (i bet if you ever feel like rereading JR, you’d understand it way better!)

      YES OMG midnight sun is the first twilight book from edward’s pov. so, interestingly, stephanie meyer worked on it back in 2014 or something (?) but it got leaked and she was upset enough to set it aside but it’s almost out now!! ngl, i’m not a twilight fan, in fact i’ve just read the first book but i’m still very excited to read it lol

      AHAHAH i mean a potential new emma mills book??? and i haven’t added it to my tbr?? sounds fake

      THANK YOU for the recommendations, i looked them up, will absolutely devour them!

      your comments always make me so happy and i will cry about this fact

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      1. I’m looking it up on my library’s website right now! AH the first volume is in, okay request is placed.

        Ohhhh. Yes, that definitely went over my head. I agree, I do think I would understand it way more if I reread it just because my brain developed more from what it was in middle school.

        Whaaat?? It got leaked? Wow, I wonder if she went on an entire mission to figure out who told. Dang, if it was a really close friend, that must have been heartbreaking. Ahaha, what makes you so excited about it–is it because you liked Edward?

        Oh my goodness you’re welcome, I really hope you like them. If you do read them, please tell me what you think–and I am so okay if you don’t like them.

        Noooo, this comment made me smile so hard, what kind of person will I be if I made you cry in return??

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  7. IM A SIMPLE GIRL i see you deserve each other and smile like an idiot!! best book ever me thinks!! these violent delights looks so AMAZING im so excited for it to be released! and omg yeah beach read has such a misleading cover and title because it looks so SWEET but it’s actually a gut punch and i was CRYING when she read her dad’s letters. but the romance was CHEFFS KISS i loved them so much!

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    1. im a simpler girl i see you deserve each other and then decide to reread it again like an idiot 😎

      ok but asfghkl i KNOW???? her dad’s letters straight up WENT for my eyeballs and i’m literally crying??? good times ✨


  8. all this you deserve each other hype is making me so happy, i’m smiling like an idiot!! it’s a toptier book (i mean the DIALOGUE) and no one can convince me otherwise!!! i have not read any of the other books you’ve mentioned which says a lot about how i should (maybe) actually start reading books! also the murderbot diaries are in my priority tbr right now, so i’m glad to hear you liked it!

    also ma’am your personality screams through your posts, i love it okay!!! you are now one of my favorite people, even though we don’t know each other, i’m sorry, i don’t make the rules!!

    (since i’m a relatively new blogger and have never been here before ~ hi, i’m sara! and i love your blog! so much! ❤ and i’m normally not this chaotic and don’t act like a thirteen year old but it’s late and i’m tired, so here i am! acting like a preteen!)

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    1. ma’am, I HEAR YOU about the dialogue in YDEO!!!! it was definitely my favorite part about it. the banter was GOD-TIER.

      sara, you literally just SAID that and now i’m CRYING??? that’s one of the sweetest comments i’ve ever gotten, wHERE ARE THE TISSUES.

      IM SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE AND WELCOME TO THE BLOGOSPHERE!! i LOVE your chaotic energy and will be stalking you ASAP 😤


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