greatest romantic hits of YA history

gansey saying, i wish you could be kissed, jane next to a car on top of a hill under the stars, the fuckin CHARM of that.

jude scanlan’s, i need a revelation and you’re the only one who can give it to me, narns and jonah griggs saying, i’m thinking you deserve romance

kaz brekker telling inej ghafa that he’d come for her and if he can’t walk, he’d crawl to her and no matter how broken they are, they’d fight their way out together, knives drawn and pistols blazing (because that’s what they do, they never stop fighting).

don’t even get me STARTED on henry’s, i thought, if someone like that ever loved me, it would set me on fire. and then i was a careless fool, and i fell in love with you anyway and then, you had the absolute audacity to love me back. I AM SCREAMING

the pure hate to love excellence of jude biting out, i hate you, i hate you so much that sometimes i can’t think of anything else while cardan kisses her

the inherent romanticism of oliver desperately going off script to get james’ attention and saying, be ruled by me. forget to think of her

mara dyer’s fix me and noah shaw’s i can’t, you aren’t broken

do you ever just sit down and cry when you think about dante saying, i love swimming- and you or are you normal

andrew minyard saying, you’re a pipedream (full stop)

thomas cresswell remarking, i do love it when you speak so maliciously, wadsworth. gives my heart a bit of a rush.

julian pressing emma’s hand against his chest and saying, break my heart. break it in pieces. i give you permission.

kestrel’s i’m going to miss you when i wake up

damen telling laurent, i think if i gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly

adrian’s if i keep loving you, maybe you’ll eventually crack and love me too

what are your favorite romantic hits?

32 thoughts on “greatest romantic hits of YA history”

  1. i only know half of these but i absolutely LOVE this post. dante? POOR SMALL BOY who has so much poetry inside him (and yes. i cry. i’m normal.) henry? ABSOLUTELY ICONIC man like what the hell how’d you get to be so good at words. gansey? DO NOT GET ME STARTED. hkjhjftgdsre. kaz? busting out the you aren’t an investment moves yessir THIS IS WHAT WE WAITED FOR THE WHOLE BOOK. and i saved andrew for last because… you are a pipe dream. you are something i cannot have but i love and lust after anyway. you are wanted neil. aaaaaaaaaa

    okokokok between you, this post, and my friend reading aftg, i want to do a reread so badly right now. just for those trashfire foxes. (especially andrew.) (who am i kidding i want to reread all of these books)

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    1. the other half that you don’t know are my purest recommendations to you rhi i hope you love them ONLY so we can cry about them together,,,

      this is my favorite comment on this post look at you APPRECIATING quality literature, the WAY you deserve rights ✨


  2. …not me tearing up over fictional characters because I love this post so much🥺oh wait!! It’s me!!!

    I LOVE THIS NIMIKA you already tore my heart out on the very first line with the Gansey quote because wow I love him way too much. And him sitting by the phone waiting for Blue to call him and knowing he shouldn’t want her to but waiting anyway??? The only kind of love I want. *cries in Gansey*

    DANTE AHHH I CRY, and Kaz and Inej…I cannot even start. You’ve also got me wanting to read a lot more of these that I didn’t know about?? what is the book with Wadsworth because the quote has intrigued me…I also need to read on with The Wicked King so that I can get to Jude and Cardan moments!! Amazing post xx

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  3. So I ~ may ~ have screamed at the mention of Gansey and THAT scene. People were staring at me but its fine. I’m shamelessly obsessed with him and would donate my kidney. I,,, literally not going to tallk about it or I’ll cry or something stupid or pathetic

    STOP IT!!! KAZ AND INEJ!! ALEX AND HENRY!!! no YOU have the audacity I AM BAWLING.

    yeah, i hate you too cardan, but in a good way.

    also sksks I MUST READ MARA DYER because YES so stunning

    Also wow yes Dante. No, I am not normal.

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  4. OHh, the first one makes me want to read The Raven Cycle. Okay, I need to confess: I read the first one, but the magical realism threw me off.
    Also, the Six of Crows of image is so cool???
    I love this post. It makes me want to go draw. And learn how to animate!!

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  5. i’ve shamefully know…. only one of the books you talked about (the raven cycle: i love gansey with my entire heart and that moment was so iconic aahhh 🥺🥺🥺) but i’m currently reading ari and dante and i cannot wait to get further into it!! ugh i need to read all of these because i’m a hopeless romantic and this post is just perfection 💖💖

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  6. ma’am this post came into my house and stole my heart and now I’m crying. Ari be like to Dante you need to get a new head and then all of a sudden it’s I don’t need the rain I need you!! Don’t remind me or Ari and Dante I will genuinely start sobbing oh my GOD. Kaz and inej I miss my babies!! They really said slowburn rights!! The way they understand that both of them have truama and pain but they still love each other so so much 😭😭 henry and Alex’s emails…made me believe love is real I’m going to combust. I think we can agree that Best ships = intense yearning

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  7. Wow! Basically what I got from this post is you enjoy angst, with some heartbreaking moments thrown in. And then every once in a while there’s a cute quote or two. (Does the Aristotle & Dante quote count as cute? I’m counting it.)

    Meanwhile, had this been my post it would have a bright, happy theme going on, and all the fan art would feature the couple cuddling! (And if I had to hand draw the fan art myself, because there’s nothing out there, so be it! Stick figures can totally cuddle, right?)

    But seriously, how did you manage to find fan art for every single fandom that you love?? Are you secretly a wizard? Teach me your ways! I can never find any artwork contemporary books, unless they get SUPER big!


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