mood recommendations from yours truly ✨✨

in an ideal life, i would have been a planner who makes pre-decided monthly TBRs and sticks to them.

unfortunately, my brand is more of a messy impulsive chipmunk who wants to cry herself to sleep one moment and avoid all feelings by reading pure, unadulterated fluff the next.

Image about meme in 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓬𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷/𝓶𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓼 by 𝔣𝔯𝔬𝔬𝔱 ...

there is no in-between.

in other words, it’s called being moody.

therapist: so what do we do when we feel overwhelming emotions?

me: read a mindless fluffy romance to successfully avoid my own thoughts

therapist: excellent

i am a very emotionally unstable nerd trying to live vicariously through books and if the one (1) brain cell that i have wants to change lanes and read something completely random, i usually listen to it.

this is absolutely not why i have 6 books on my currently reading shelf at all times and i’m not even going to mention the fact that one of them might have been there for nearly a year now because i will Definitely Read It Someday

my point is that i have mood recommendations for you! yay!

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so you want to cry but not read a sad book

this is an actual mood! for a book to hit the mark for me, i definitely-maybe-kind-of want it to shove past all of my defenses and make me cry. at the same time, i don’t want to actually be sad because i have the real world and twitter for that!

melina marchetta’s books are the definition of comfort crying. they make you fall in love with the characters and when they’re hurting, she creates this atmosphere of comfort and softness and friendship and love so you’re crying because it’s weirdly making you feel comforted too???

100+ Reaction Memes Will Make You Express More Happiness | GEEKS ...
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so you wanna vicariously not be anxious by reading some soothing hurt/comfort

if it wasn’t already very clear, i use books as both a coping mechanism to keep anxiety at bay and also for that thing we call procrastination but more on that never

the kiss quotient // the best way i can sell it to you is by saying there’s lots of kissing and comforting and caring and if for some reason, you haven’t yet read this wonderful soft book,,,, all i have for you is a single: ?

the foxhole court // i just want to make sure all my new followers know that i am an aftg trashbag first and a human second, thanks for coming to my ted talk. if you’re someone who’s been putting up with my tfc bullshit since 2018, i am sorry but i did warn you i’m never shutting up

from lukov with love // rival skating champions! childish banter! wholesome families! caring for the other when they are sick!

fall // girl meets boy at a grocery store and steals his mint choco-chip ice cream by kissing him and then later ends up living in a flat next to him because apparently some people are just that lucky

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so you wanna read a romcom

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

i finished this book exactly 20 minutes ago as of writing this and i can’t believe i didn’t have it on me when i was neck deep in my red white & royal blue hangover.

guys, we have snarky banter and disaster gays and lots of puns. 10/10 alex-henry vibes. the sexiest thing about this book is the fact that the couple fucking COMMUNICATED. no conveniently placed misunderstandings and unnecessary drama in this book, no sir 😌✊

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so you’re in the mood for some old school chosen one fantasy

can we pretend this is actually a mood and not a category i invented purely to talk about these books 👉👈

FOTR made me Feel Things and i may or may not have been too emotionally attached to the freedom of a fictional kingdom because of it. 10/10 chosen one trope, done beautifully

i recently finished the throne of glass series! i know! it’s not 2014 anymore! it was a good experience tho, no regrets. i wanna do a series review even tho no one would wanna read it but ok

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so you wanna read sci-fi but it’s intimidating?

skyward made me laugh and cry and there’s an AI who has the most precious personality ever??? the writing is *chef’s kiss*

ok i KNOW y’all are looking at me with a lot of doubt about recommending the martian for beginners b/c apparently it’s very sciencey- allow me to inform the audience that the book has actual sentences like The best way to store the ingredients of water is to make them be waterIt is of course dangerous to set off an explosive device on a spacecraft and If I cut a hole in the wall of the hab, the air won’t stay inside any more

really. this book is like mars for dummies. it’s hilarious and emotional and very, very thrilling.

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are you a planner or a mood reader?

stay hydrated, bois ✌

18 thoughts on “mood recommendations from yours truly ✨✨”

  1. i have clear skin, my crops are thriving, this post gave me life ❤ i am a wreckless mood reader and i love these recommendations so much!!! catch me crying in a dark closet (finally) reading all of melina marchetta’s books xoxo ✌

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  2. NEW NIMIKA POST YES!! hello i be early

    “messy impulsive chipmunk” YES RELATABLE. As well as “trashbag first and a human second”. STOP IT. (sshhh i still need to read aftg its a secret don’t tell)

    Omg though Fall sounds ICONIC and I must read?? and I’ve been eyeing From Lukov With Love too. Wow also Skyward has been staring at me for ages and I have fomo

    eyyy Boyfriend Material!! love to see it

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  3. First off, I am so glad to see Chad get a shout out! Also, hello fellow mood reader! This is such a perfectly organized post for someone like me!

    I actually haven’t read any Melina Marchetta, which makes sense since I’m not a fan of sadness or crying, but I have heard really great things about Jellicoe Road!

    A million times yes to The Kiss Quotient! That’s one of my comfort books as well because there’s so much snuggling and cuddling that it just makes me so happy. But on the other hand, I think The Foxhole Court is a bit much for that section. Waaaaaaaaay too much suffering goes on in those books! And I guess we’ll find out my opinions on From Lukov With Love as soon as I read it!

    And I’m so happy to see Boyfriend Material on this list! My recommendation was solid enough that you’re recommending the book to others! The true sign of a good read!

    I also 1000% second your recommendation of The Martian. I am a science nerd, and even so some things flew over my head when I first read it, but that did not make that book any less of a 5 star read! (Also the movie is such a fantastic adaptation!) I’m kind of surprised not to see All Systems Red in the sci-fi section to be honest! But I guess that’s because you already have a full post recommending it! (Which worked because I’m now reading it because of you.)

    This was such a great post! Your categories were top notch, and your recommendations fit so well! I think more recommendation posts should be written by mood instead of genre now on, because it’s a much better way for me to get a sense of whether a book will be for me or not. Because I can like a genre, but only pick up books that match a specific mood for me!

    (Also, give us your series review of Throne of Glass, please and thank you!)

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    1. i am once again telling you that i love your multiple paragraph reviews 🥺 absolute queen shit

      boyf material was a top-tier recommendation! it absolutely gave me those british humor, rwrb vibes and i loved EVERYTHING about it! i’m emotionally sending you a baked goodie b/c you deserve it.

      omg YES the martian movie made me VERY happy! it was very accurate to the book, i loved it. i kind of wanted the “humans will always find a way back to each other” (or sth like that) speech at the end of the book in the movie but i mean,,, it was still fantastic.

      i was THIS close to including all systems red in the post but then i thought about maybe not yelling at everyone to read the book (once again) so i shut up 🙂


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  4. oh my god, nimika, that intro is just,,, perfection?!!! i’m an extreme mood reader and i felt “messy impulsive chipmunk who wants to cry herself to sleep one moment and avoid all feelings by reading pure, unadulterated fluff the next” on another level 😭😭😭

    i ADORE the organization of this post and i actually haven’t read any of these books so i need to check them all out soon!! comfort crying is the perfect way to describe that feeling where you want to cry but don’t actually want to be sad lmao, so melina marchetta’s books are all going on my tbr. also boyfriend material sounds so good 🥺

    i love this post and you!! 💖💖


  5. From Lukov With Love looks so sweet!!
    Ahaha, did you edit the Office meme yourself, and if so, what did it say originally?
    She steals his ice-cream by kissing him? Wait, you mean she kisses him as a distraction? (I just realized I asked three questions in a row.) Dang. She should go be the protagonist in a heist story next, it seems like she has the knack for it.
    Ahaha, The Martian–the quote that is stuck in my head from that is when he realizes he might be a space pirate. Does that strike any bells??
    Hmm, I think I slightly plan out what books I want to put on hold, and then I’m a mood reader in deciding what order I read the books in.
    And I just drank some water after your reminder :))


  6. This list is amazing and as always your blog posts are THE most fun to read and I love them dearly.🥺 I’m a mood reader most of the time so all these categories really spoke to me?? Right now I’m doing the reading rush so that is Not Mood Reading and it’s kind of weird to already have my next book picked out, but not all together horrible. Anyway, thank you for all the recommendations!! I very much want to read The Kiss Quotient now, you’ve convinced me.


  7. I don’t understand how people aren’t mood readers like WHAT how can you be so diligent as to read set TBRs?? Too powerful, couldn’t be me. I just finished The Kiss Quotient for the reading rush and omg the cutest thing ever!! I read The Bride Test immediately after and have decided that Helen Hoang is now a permanent fixture on my shelves. Also hoping to get to Boyfriend Material asap, it looks so adorable!! Thanks for such a fun post!!


  8. i literally have a post like this sitting in my scheduled folder and it is due to the sheer power of you being amazing that i’m not overwhelmingly mad

    ‘aftg trashbag’ OK BUT WHY IS THAT ME TOO. i hate hate hate it but like,,,,, am pure trash. no further comments. and now that you’ve said boyfriend material is like alex and henry… i need this??? like yesterday???

    ok this was a great post thank u for the recs


  9. I love this post! I really need to finally read The Kiss Quotient and The Foxhole Court. I have both, so like….why haven’t I freaking read them yet?! AND…I just finished Boyfriend Material earlier this week and OMG…everything everything everything. Love it so much and happy to see that you did too! 🙂


  10. Oh my god I love your recommendations soooooooooo much your recs are on point. I sometimes want to read an emotional book and want to cry but…. in a good way, not in a way that makes me feel empty and like a mess?? Comfort and friendship and ahhh I neeed to read Jellicoe Road it sounds so so good! 😀


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