the folklore book tag // i love being incoherent

can you believe taylor swift single handedly saved 2020 by just casually turning up and dropping an entire album? the sheer suddenness of that move, the unexpectedness of the move, the unpredictability of the move

Taylor Swift's 'Folklore' Inspires A Flurry Of Relatable Memes And Reactions

i certainly did not go to sleep at 6 am and woke up at 9 am again to listen to the album, not at all. i did not also have multiple breakdowns on twitter. i have definitely not been listening to the album on repeat. i am not listening to it right now at all.

The PR Profession, as Told by John Mulaney – Scripps PRSSA

i think the funniest part of the whole experience was all of book twitter scrambling to claim the songs as books ships and they’re NOT wrong. exile is a judecardan song and i will die on that hill.

i consider my memes funny sometimes

so, can i just say, i am so glad ilsa @ a whisper of ink made a folklore book tag?? it had to be done and she stepped right up 🤘 absolute queen behavior

also a BIG thank u to ilsa and rhi @ marshmallow harmonies for tagging me. loved freaking out with y’all about the album 😭


  • Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink
  • Tag at least 3 people. 
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post
  • Thank whoever who tagged you and link to their post.
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if my wishes came true, it would’ve been you

the 1 is a sweet, quirky song about the one that got away. i’m listening to it right now and it’s just so bittersweet and charming. i completely agree w/ ilsa’s choice for if we were villains but if i had to go with a close second, it would be

Buy We Were Liars Book Online at Low Prices in India | We Were ...

we were liars by e. lockhart

if you’ve read the book, you know the ending destroys us while at the same time also made us ADMIRE it [honestly 90% of my reading career]

also the romance kind of has the same vibe as the song ✨✨

when you are young they assume you know nothing but i knew you

raise your hand if you claimed cardigan before the album even dropped. we weren’t wrong.

radio silence by alice oseman

i’ve talked about how much i adore this book before. it made me giddy during the happy parts but there was always an undertone of sadness throughout the book and towards the end i was sobbing (it’s fine i love crying)

she had a marvelous time ruining everything

the winner’s curse by marie rutkoski

i would absolutely have gone w/ rhi’s answer of the seven husbands of evelyn hugo (our minds ✨) but i shall give y’all a variety of recommendations

forever mad that a lot of people still haven’t read this trilogy. kestrel and arin’s story is told beautifully in the span of the three books. the writing is *chef’s kiss* GORGEOUS.

it’s the enemies to star-crossed lovers story told like a fairy tale that you didn’t know you needed ✨

you’re not my homeland anymore so what am i defending now?

did someone say mY FAVORITE????? BECAUSE IT’S MY FAVORITE. i claimed exile as soon as i saw “feat. bon iver” and i was so right 😭

the power of this song single-handedly convinced me to reread the folk of the air trilogy which i will do soon

did i lie

the chemist by stephanie meyer

usually i know exactly what i’m expecting from a book so there aren’t a lot of books that i wish i hadn’t read but if i had to choose one i’d go with the chemist b/c this book is the reason my brain cells depleted so quickly ♥

we gather stones, never knowing what they mean / some to throw, some to make diamond rings

when taylor swift said “and if i’m on fire, you’ll be made of ashes too” and “if i’m dead to you, why are you at my wake?” and “you had to kill me but it killed you just the same” she intended to create an atmosphere rife with the tension that can only be engineered with god-tier hate to love angst in this essay i will

lord of shadows by cassandra clare

i am emerging from my permanent denial about the ending of this book for about 3 seconds to tell y’all that i sobbed like a baby, bye

i’ll show you every version of yourself tonight

this adventure ends by emma mills

i honestly felt like i was looking in the mirror when i read this adventure ends b/c sloane, the mc, is someone i relate to so much

i may or may not have cried at certain quotes that i couldn’t have articulated better myself 🥺

love you to the moon and to saturn

the lost hero by rick riordan

i still remember finding this book on my brother’s shelf when i was smol and thinking it’s too big for me but maybe i can read one or two chapters for fun and then ending up reading the whole thing and crying about it

honestly, a big omen for my upcoming reading career back then

so much for summer love and saying ‘us’

august is honestly the epitome of teenage crush and yearning,,, lines like “back when i was livin’ for the hope of it” capture the feeling and the vibe so perfectly

what if it’s us by becky albertalli & adam silvera

this book is teen crushes and uncertainty and a lot of firsts and it’s about the boys’ final summer before college i think and the song and the book totally vibe well

you’re a flashback in a film reel on the one screen in my town

the piper’s son by melina merchetta

this is me trying is basically a love letter from one character to another in this book.

we meet tom in a very unhealthy state of mind at the beginning of the piper’s son when he’s struggling with loneliness and anger and the story’s really about the journey of him healing and fixing his life and family.

you taught me a secret language i can’t speak with anyone else

hmm i WONDER which book i can recommend that would best represent a “book hangover” for me,,,,, i WONDER

the foxhole court by nora sakavic

*moment of silence for anyone who is surprised*

teal was the color of your shirt when you were sixteen at the yogurt shop

this song is the lover of folklore and i am not mad about it at all

skulduggery pleasant by derek landy

i did not think i would be choosing this book for this prompt until 5 seconds ago. thing is, it has a story behind it that no one cares about but long story short, this book and the characters came into my life very unexpectedly but also it felt like it was meant to be since i would never have picked up the book otherwise.

it also lead to this conversation i had with my brother once that’s always stayed with me

does she smile or does she mouth, “fuck you forever”

the social commentary in this song is scathing, just as it should be, i adore it

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid

i honestly cannot think of a better book for this prompt. is there anyone as gay and badass and scandalous as evelyn hugo? yes. celia st. james. which is why they’re perfect together.

also i haven’t thought about this book in FOREVER which is a crime i know and now that i’m remembering the story arc again i am experiencing Pain

will you kiss me on the porch in front of all your stupid friends?

betty is the love story of folklore and that is a FACT

this is how you lose the time war by amal eh-mohtar & max gladstone

this is god-tier lesbian shakespeare full of yearning and pining, i said it

would it be enough if i can never give you peace?

when taylor swift said, “all these people say love’s for show but i would die for you in secret” 🥺

the retribution of mara dyer by michelle hodkin

bro, HERE’S THE THING. when i first listened to peace, the lyrics reminded me so much of a book but i couldn’t figure it out?? until like 10 minutes ago when it finally hit me and i lost my shit.

first off, i would totally die for every single character in the mara dyer trilogy. i know objectively the books get real messy towards the end but idc because i love them anyway. mara is one of the best morally grey characters out there and i love that for her.

BUT LET’S TALK ABOUT why the song and the lyrics reminded me so much of this trilogy. i present you with the receipts:

the way i’m adding this song to all of my marashaw playlists 😭😭😭😭

don’t want no other shade of blue but you / no other sadness in the world would do

can we talk about taylor’s MIND when she wrote, “your faithless love’s the hoax i believe in” 😌 the GENIUS

the unhoneymooners by christina lauren

i’ve always had a hate-like (not even love) relationship w/ christina lauren’s books but i still had my hopes up for this book when i first read it b/c that plot is SO enticing

needless to say, i was disappointed thoroughly in every possible way throughout the book 😎

i had SO MUCH fun with this post. thank u ilsa for coming through

i tag:

sara @ words with wings

ash @ starlight strands

ruby @ ruby rae reads

let me know what was your favorite track off folklore and which book you associate to it!

24 thoughts on “the folklore book tag // i love being incoherent”

  1. Omg hi I finally made it and THANK YOU FOR THE TAG!! Although now I can’t tag you do to do it in my post lmao. But also LOVE all your answers and sjkhkghg THE ALBUM IS SO GOOD

    Firstly, I love your We Were Liars answer and I haven’t even read this book. Yet. I shall happen at some point. Maybe. I’m a failure. RS is a PERFECT answer to match a perfect song. oh no, you’re mad at me bc I haven’t read the winners curse IM SORRY. Lowkey didn’t even know people liked it till it became kinda popular this year lmao

    “the reason my brain cells depleted so quickly’ NO STOP IM DYING!!!

    Lord of shadows,,, let’s not talk about that because that one Jules line GETS ME. Although sorry I think CP gets me more. Um, The Piper’s Son sounds so cool?? I ain’t ready for sadness but I am ~intrigued~ you know? Also Evelyn is YES QUEEN LOVE HER. I must read This Is How You Lose The Time War bc lesbian Shakespeare?? Iconic and we love to see it.

    I am a grade A scaredy-cat but I AM DYING TO READ Mara Dyer!!

    Thank the heavens you agree on The Unhoneymooners. Okay in the book’s defence I didn’t read finish it, stopped at 70% because I COULD NOT. I may have been my mood but just?? it wasn’t working for me so yeah agree with you there. Confusion.

    okay bye this is long but I couldn’t not leave an essay comment so there we go


  2. loved reading your answers!
    i’m so excited to do this book tag because i honestly love this album so so much. my faves are the great american dynasty, illicit affairs, august and betty – they’re just so freaking good <3<3
    out of the books you’ve mentioned i’ve only read what if it’s us and i definitely agree that it’s a summer read! it was so cute – especially the first part. i feel like that could have been a short story in itself though because i hated the ending :((


  3. I LOVE THIS. Your fangirling and your favorite lyrics from the songs and are memes are absolutely superior, Nimika.🤯 Also please let’s scream more about this album…favorite songs?? lines? random things??

    We Were Liars fits SO well for the first prompt!! I don’t think I will ever stop being speechless over that ending. Also aww your story about The Lost Hero! I remember my friend and I finding it in her house once when we were in sixth grade or something and then we just spent our entire “play date” sitting next to each other and reading it in our heads at the same time…I was destined to be a book nerd from the start apparently.

    WAIT you’re right, august captures the feeling of a teenage crush so well- I’m not okay, I feel extremely called out by these lyrics right now. Evelyn Hugo for Mad Woman is!!! A stellar combination. Well your answers to this could not have been more perfect, I loved reading this post!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg but HOW have we not already freaked out about this album together??? i think my top 3 favorite songs might be exile, my tears ricochet and peace/cardigan. but also that keeps changing. i’ve been listening to hoax more recently b/c underrated bop.
      OLIVIA, i get CHILLS every time i think of “you’re not my homeland anymore / so what am i defending now?” like literally it might be my favorite lyric of all time??? the genius, romance, the angst, the emotional range in those words 😭😭😭

      i think we’re all still shook over whatever the heck ‘we were liars’ did to us when we first read it lol.

      the play date book story is so cute im crying 🥺🥺 uncle rick really made our childhoods, huh

      i can’t wait to read your tag, thank u!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. RIGHT?? My top songs keep changing too, but now that it’s been a week-ish, I think my top four would have to be cardigan, betty, mad woman, and exile…but like also all of them. *cries* There’s genuinely not any that I don’t like and I listen to them all so so much!! I GET CHILLS DURING EXILE TOOOO. I also got full body chills every time I heard “doc I think she’s crashing out” in epiphany for the first few days.🥺 and omg I’m such a fangirl I’m sorry but another line I love (and her voice sounds so angelic in it ajdlafjdlc) is “stood on the cliffside screaming give me a reason.” AHHHH!!


  4. the only good thing that came out of 2020 is!! this!! album!! i love it so much, and oh my god your memes are amazing 😎😎

    i claimed cardigan before the album dropped too and it’s honestly so good, the music video is everything!!! radio silence is the perfect book to pair with cardigan omg 😭 i love exile too, the bridge gave me chills!!!! also yes to pjo, it gives me so much nostalgia and is perfect to pair with seven 🥺 i could go on and on about these songs forever, i truly couldn’t choose a fav because i love them all because taylor’s musical genius is everything ❤

    thank you so so much for tagging me, i’ve been planning on doing do this tag ever since ilsa created it and now i have even more reasons to finally stop procrastinating and finish it!!! i loved reading all of your answers 💖💖


  5. CAN’T EXPLAIN IT but everytime i read one of your tweets/comments/blog posts I FALL MORE IN LOVE WITH YOU HOW ARE U SO FUNNY AND COOL CAN WE BE BFFS.

    okay now THATS out of the way.

    Thank you for doing my tag!! I’M SOFT.

    also QUEEN shit for mentioning the winner’s curse. kestrel and arin have me in a chokehold I LOVE THEM they really did enemies lovers to enemies to lovers and “marry him but be mine in secret” just for the book community to sleep on them.i HATE it here.

    also THANK you for using an f/f couple for the betty prompt!! i feel irrationally angry when someone uses an m/m ship as an answer HAHA. also i still need to read this is how you lose the time war and seven husbands. KILL ME.

    also ur compariosn for peace and the unbecoming of mara dyer,,, SHOULD I READ THAT SERIES


    1. also i used the word “also” too much and am trying to stop but i said it at least 3 times in ur comment </3 this is a formal apology


  6. I actually have not listened to the soundtrack yet 🙈 But it’s gonna happen sometime soon! I probably should have waited until I listened to read this post, but I got impatient. (Also there’s nothing to stop me from reading this post again once I’ve listened to the songs!) So my comment will be based on the prompts alone!

    I totally agree that the ending to We Were Liars was shocking! Somehow one of my friends was able to figure out the ending ahead of time, but I do not have that amount of talent!

    I’m so glad I got to hear the backstory of how Chad became a loner! But I’m sad that The Chemist left him to fend for himself!

    I really want to read This Is How You Lose the Time War! I just keep hearing how amazing the writing is and I want to pick it up just for that! The only reason I haven’t picked it up yet is because I already bought 2 other books because of the writing, but I haven’t read either of those yet. So I want to at least have read one of those books, before I buy another book purely for the writing!

    And I was also pretty disappointed with The Unhoneymooners, but I can’t quite say I was expecting to love it. I will say that it had such a promising premise, but it just fell apart because that relationship was more toxic than it was romantic.

    This was such a fun tag, even without all the insider knowledge that comes with listening to the album! I’ll definitely let you know once I’ve listened to folklore, and I’ll be sure to give you all my thoughts on each song!


  7. WOW just yes! exile is just a Jude and Cardan song! I LOOOVE this song and the entire album honestly! It is soooo great! I NEED to read Lord of Shadows (or do I?). I Love Evelyn Hugo! I have to do this tag too! Great post!


  8. Taylor Swift really did single handedly save 2020 tbh. I’m listening to exile rn as I type this comment haha it’s aMAZING ❤ The Percy Jackson books give me so much nostalgia omg and I love all of Emma Mills books so much they’re so adorable and fluffy!! I loved reading this post ❤


  9. ahhh, i love this tag! folklore was such a huge surprise, i have to admit i’m still acclimating to this album, i guess. i am listening to some of my favorite tracks, but i have yet to listen to the whole thing paying attention to the lyrics and all. i think it will be an album that maybe my future self will be able to appreciate more, so i’m not rushing into it. i remember i felt the same about lorde’s melodrama when it came out in 2017 and then i listened to year a year later, and it became my favorite album, so yeah, hahah. i can definitely see this happening with folklore!

    (anyway also can we talk about the absolute GOLDEN MEMES you shared in this post???? the excellence jumped out)

    i absolutely agree with your choice of radio silence as a book that made me both happy and sad. i felt so much for what the characters were going through that i think i experienced all the emotions with them.


  10. Okay I’m listening to the 1 right now. Wait it just switched to cardigan.
    Ohh, We Were Liars–I haven’t even read this, but I know what the ending is because I asked my friend to explain the plot to me because I know I probably wouldn’t read a mystery/thriller book. And WHAT, that’s crazy.
    Oh my goodness, I love your story about how you picked up The Lost Hero. (Ahahah, I saw Olivia mentioned that in her comment too!!)
    Dude wow, the Mara Dyer — the last great america dynasty — quotes are so perfect. I know there’s no right answers in book tags, but that one feels as right as possible.
    Whoaa, the cover of This is How You Lose the Time War is so cool!


  11. Totally agree that Taylor saved 2020 as well! haha I can’t stop listening to this either! Oh gosh yes that Exile is the JudeCardan song! Love we were liars and the one together. I adore radio silence too! Exile is *amazing*! One of her best songs ever! Ooh yes to what if it’s us and august. Mad woman definitely works with evelyn hugo (so much of this album gives me taylor jenkins reid vibes as well!) Ahh yes to better and this is how you lose the time war!! Great picks!


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