This blog is run by a sixteen year old girl who’s currently enjoying writing about herself in the third person.

Her name is Nimika and she loves to read, write, travel (and visiting family does not count as travelling),  tinker around with video editing, procrastinate (she doesn’t love to procrastinate, obviously, she’s just really good at it) and she absurdly keeps finding herself in awkward, floor-open-up-and-swallow-me situations.

She thinks of her blog as her very own You Tube channel- which is weird, I keep trying to tell her- but she likes to express herself through words, stories and gifs. Gifs are important.

On this Blog, you’ll find a collection of original poetry, funny, light stories of her hilarious joke of a life, her bookish fantasies and a lot more.

This is her escape, her haven of words and she hopes it can be yours too.