i am a hot mess so hear me rant about how tired i am+ ask me questions+ hamilton!

I thought I would never become the person who writes in lowercase incorrectly but here we are. It's somehow aesthetic, okay? It's not the laziness. *Coughs* For once. So, hi. How are we all doing? I'm just smiling through the pain here while I mentally javelin myself into a trashcan and stay there. If you… Continue reading i am a hot mess so hear me rant about how tired i am+ ask me questions+ hamilton!


An Evening Out In Pictures [2.9.18]

Last weekend, I had one of those random, out of the blue moments where I impulsively decided that I needed to get out of the house and go look at some trees. As one does. So, I hit up a friend and we went to this gorgeous park in her neighborhood which is brimming with… Continue reading An Evening Out In Pictures [2.9.18]

If These YA Books Were TV Shows // The Raven Cycle

.... and if I was to direct them, I'd be immensely happy. Let's be honest, we've had a long and awkward (um, more like, angry?) relationship with book to movie adaptations. We've had some good ones but more often than not, it's disappointing (*cough* Percy Jackson *cough*). However, watching the story that was completely imagined and… Continue reading If These YA Books Were TV Shows // The Raven Cycle

That Month Of Stories | July Wrap Up

Oh, man, I've missed this blog. Last month was busy as heck for me because school was ridiculous (when is it not) and I only published three posts but I'm back and I have so many new, fun ideas for future posts; I'm practically screaming internally (when am I not). Also, I know I'm posting… Continue reading That Month Of Stories | July Wrap Up

Book Playlist: I’m Fine | The Foxhole Court

Unlike my other book playlists, instead of dedicating a mix to an entire book, this one is actually just for my son, Neil Josten (he deservED BETTER @ Nora Sakavic). Ahem. Anyway. At this point, y'all have my explicit permission to roll your eyes and pray for/curse me for mentioning The Foxhole Court yet again… Continue reading Book Playlist: I’m Fine | The Foxhole Court

whimsical ramblings // music, books, moodboards

It's been a while since I did a rambling, chatty kind of a post and I'm in the mood for one so here we go. Imagine me burrowed in blankets in a dark room with a mug of hot coffee as it's lightly drizzling outside while I'm writing this- because that's literally what I'm doing… Continue reading whimsical ramblings // music, books, moodboards

That Month Of Stories // June Wrap Up

I'm back with wrap-ups! I guess I just gave up on wrap ups for the past few months but that's because I was busy, you guys, saving the world from weird green aliens and going off on missions to Mars and shit. As if I would abandon my blog for anything less, much less atrocious… Continue reading That Month Of Stories // June Wrap Up