I Interview Neil Josten // it’s been 2 months in quarantine don’t ask me what i’m doing

May 14, 2020 7:53 PM I just want to put it out there that I absolutely predicted that the world renowned Exy star, Neil Josten, would show up for his interview wearing bright orange. I was right. He is rather awfully predictable. Neil JostenPhotographed by: Nora Sakavic He also looks like he hasn't slept in… Continue reading I Interview Neil Josten // it’s been 2 months in quarantine don’t ask me what i’m doing

my obsession with documentation, i guess

time running out scares me.  ironic, because i'm really intensely good at procrastinating- or maybe because of it? i don't know.  growing up makes me feel like i'm running out of time- which i am, but not in a "lol i'm going to die soon" way, more in a... "i'm only seventeen once and that's… Continue reading my obsession with documentation, i guess

whimsical ramblings // music, books, moodboards

It's been a while since I did a rambling, chatty kind of a post and I'm in the mood for one so here we go. Imagine me burrowed in blankets in a dark room with a mug of hot coffee as it's lightly drizzling outside while I'm writing this- because that's literally what I'm doing… Continue reading whimsical ramblings // music, books, moodboards

Book Hangovers // me getting drunk on fiction

Every once in a while, it happens, okay? You start reading a book, you finish it, you stare at the wall in utter silence for the next ten minutes and then go, "Well, shit." We've all been there. At the scary rate I've been reading recently, especially, has me thinking hard about the train wreck… Continue reading Book Hangovers // me getting drunk on fiction

24 Hour Readathon

Sleep and books are two things that I love dearly. I am also prepared to willingly sacrifice one of them for the other- I don't think you even need to guess which one. Because if there's anyone who would willingly inject coffee into their eyes in order to just keep on reading, it's me. This… Continue reading 24 Hour Readathon

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger. Thank you so much so nominating me <3. I'm making this post ridiculously late but, hey, being late is in my DNA now. No, really, I'm pretty sure there's a scientific explanation behind my lateness because there's no way… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

12th grade, rainbow bookshelf, OneRepublic tickets(!!) // A Life Update

Hi, you 'lil smol child, and yes, I'm alive. I haven't posted in almost a month because (no excuses) I'm #lazy. Sorry about that. I hate myself too.┬áBut I'm back in full swing and all I want to do now is write and write and write so I'll be releasing a torrent of posts at… Continue reading 12th grade, rainbow bookshelf, OneRepublic tickets(!!) // A Life Update

bookish pet peeves, ridiculous rants, how do you school again // A Life Update

Yes, I'm actually doing a life update. Kinda surprised myself since discovering I actually have a life (ayyyy). Anyway, I'm getting a teensy bit more personal on my blog, hoping that Life Updates won't be boring because- besides no one actually caring about them- it makes me feel like my life is a bit more… Continue reading bookish pet peeves, ridiculous rants, how do you school again // A Life Update

How To NOT Procrastinate

What's that? You're in the process of procrastinating your one shot at existence? Well, you've come to the right place because I am the pinnacle of productivity. Because CLEARLY I've got it ALL FIGURED OUT. Really, I've sorted my life out and I know just what I'm doing. So, obviously, I'm going to have the… Continue reading How To NOT Procrastinate