bookish pet peeves, ridiculous rants, how do you school again // A Life Update

Yes, I'm actually doing a life update. Kinda surprised myself since discovering I actually have a life (ayyyy). Anyway, I'm getting a teensy bit more personal on my blog, hoping that Life Updates won't be boring because- besides no one actually caring about them- it makes me feel like my life is a bit more… Continue reading bookish pet peeves, ridiculous rants, how do you school again // A Life Update


How To NOT Procrastinate

What's that? You're in the process of procrastinating your one shot at existence? Well, you've come to the right place because I am the pinnacle of productivity. Because CLEARLY I've got it ALL FIGURED OUT. Really, I've sorted my life out and I know just what I'm doing. So, obviously, I'm going to have the… Continue reading How To NOT Procrastinate

Favorite Characters (Ft. My Babies)- I

I think it's high time that I introduce my babies to this blog. I just need the adoption papers to be handed over to me by the authors but I'll make it happen, you guys. I've already talked to my lawyer and everything. I've got this.¬†Copyright who? I don't know her. These aren't in any… Continue reading Favorite Characters (Ft. My Babies)- I

I’m Almost Not Sixteen

I think I might just be having half of a quarter life crisis.¬† So, you know, John Green and his "unrealistic, way too mature teenage" characters (yes, the presence of the double quotes indicate Chandler levels of sarcasm) and their incredibly mature discussions about life and shit? Yeah, teenagers actually talk about that stuff at… Continue reading I’m Almost Not Sixteen

A Nerd Girl in a Muggle World

What is reading to me, you ask? Well, imagine a small cottage tucked away in the woods in a Winter landscape. It's snowing outside and you're in a cozy bedroom, wrapped up in blankets, warmed by a blazing fireplace while watching a TV show or a movie on your laptop. You're in your pajamas, sipping… Continue reading A Nerd Girl in a Muggle World