bye 2018, you sucked lmao

Okay. Okay, listen. I know I'm supposed to be really happy and positive in this kind of a post but I'm ending my year with my skin covered in red rashes, throat constricting bc my immunity system hates me and my fevered, delirious brain conjuring up dreams of a psycho child who's killing people and… Continue reading bye 2018, you sucked lmao

my first concert| i saw my favorite band live??

When you're happy like a fool Let it take you over When everything is out You gotta take it in This song is the summary of how I felt during and after my first concert.  My first concert where I saw and heard OneRepublic live- OneRepublic, my favorite band since 8th grade when I first… Continue reading my first concert| i saw my favorite band live??

12th grade, rainbow bookshelf, OneRepublic tickets(!!) // A Life Update

Hi, you 'lil smol child, and yes, I'm alive. I haven't posted in almost a month because (no excuses) I'm #lazy. Sorry about that. I hate myself too. But I'm back in full swing and all I want to do now is write and write and write so I'll be releasing a torrent of posts at… Continue reading 12th grade, rainbow bookshelf, OneRepublic tickets(!!) // A Life Update

A Book Lover’s Guide To OneRepublic

If there are two things that I love to do, it's to read books and listen to music. So, I've combined these two spectacular past-times and decided to honour my favorite band, OneRepublic, by dedicating books to their songs. A while back, something called the "Book Playlist Tag" took the internet- or the bookish part… Continue reading A Book Lover’s Guide To OneRepublic