crash & burn

do you remember those evenings sketched in poetry when we traded truths with barbs and broke our hearts? when the lights were soft and the colors were muted but our blood was on fire and our veins were electrocuted. we were soft words spoken in the dark, burning lyrics chased by cold whiskey and biting… Continue reading crash & burn

who they were

he was grey skies, tired eyes, hoodies that are oversized, words scrawled on page corners, denim jackets with turned up collars. she was coffee mugs, lingering hugs, fairy lights, movie nights, broken smiles and dusty book piles. they were pouring rains, laughter in chains, f r a g i l e like paper airplanes.

The Locker At The Back Of My Mind

My mind has a locker of its own, I push myself against the door lest it gets blown. The locker's in the back of my mind, And the shadows that breathe inside it aren't so kind. Yet, these shadows writhe and expand in the dark, Sometimes, I can feel them against my skin, cold and… Continue reading The Locker At The Back Of My Mind