what home sounds like

it comes back to me in brief flashes of memories. the worn out chuck taylors on the floor, laces undone; the muted afternoon sunlight filtering in through the blue curtains, the messy bed with mismatched pillows and blankets and sheets. it's in the clutter of the desk with half a dozen books crammed on it… Continue reading what home sounds like

Stolen Hearts

Halloween Short Story-  Written By: Audrey Francis-Plante, Christy Morley, Brittany Redd, Nimika Bhatnagar. *** *** Things started to get really interesting after I died.          There was pain. Pressing into my heart like a bed of thorns, but only briefly. Then I was in the middle of the woods, with the sun setting behind the trees.… Continue reading Stolen Hearts

A Thousand Paper Kisses

The station was buzzing with voices belonging to people running about, dragging luggage and shouting at porters in hassle and hurry. Vendors roamed about, selling things and advertising their products. Bored, impatient travelers mastered the stony look of boredom and impatience as they waited for their trains to arrive. Among so many people, she was… Continue reading A Thousand Paper Kisses