Top Seven Fictional Villains

"A Villain is just a victim whose story hasn't been told yet." -Chris Colfer Ah, villains. In literature, you cannot have a story without the dark side of it- because without the dark, there is no light. We've all read about countless villains and hated them because, well, they are meant to be hated. But,… Continue reading Top Seven Fictional Villains

YA Book Recommendations Without Love Triangles and Insta-Love

*Yes, these books exist. I know, shocking. Are you someone who loves reading Young Adult books but are tired of trying to find books in this particular genre without Love Triangles or Insta-love? Then look no further, fellow Bookaholic, because it is a daily purpose of my tireless life to hunt down such books and… Continue reading YA Book Recommendations Without Love Triangles and Insta-Love