Secrets and Shadows

Amelia Jane Foster could hear her heart beat against her chest as she made her way up to the Witness Box of the courtroom. Thud, thud. Her best friend, Iris, stood on the platform across from her. Iris, with her soft brown hair and green eyes. Iris, with her billowing laugh and sweet voice. Iris,… Continue reading Secrets and Shadows

Audio Diary, 2025: Dark Days

THURSDAY, 16th JULY, 2025. 2:45 PM. *Static* *Gasps of heavy breathing.* *Pounding footsteps.* Audio: “Day 1. I’m currently hiding in the cupboard in the attic from my captors. If my body be found here, know that it was my captors who killed me, not the heat. The heat is stifling and I’m sweating profusely. I’m,… Continue reading Audio Diary, 2025: Dark Days

A Thousand Paper Kisses

The station was buzzing with voices belonging to people running about, dragging luggage and shouting at porters in hassle and hurry. Vendors roamed about, selling things and advertising their products. Bored, impatient travelers mastered the stony look of boredom and impatience as they waited for their trains to arrive. Among so many people, she was… Continue reading A Thousand Paper Kisses