bye 2018, you sucked lmao

Okay. Okay, listen. I know I'm supposed to be really happy and positive in this kind of a post but I'm ending my year with my skin covered in red rashes, throat constricting bc my immunity system hates me and my fevered, delirious brain conjuring up dreams of a psycho child who's killing people and… Continue reading bye 2018, you sucked lmao


Top Ten Books of 2018 // with a gif for each bc #content

THIS IS NOT BECAUSE I'M LAZY TO TALK ABOUT THESE BOOKS. Really. Lies. I just need to upload this before 2019 and hahahaha I'm REALLY struggling for time. also bc im lazy I read 76 books this year and these are my Top Ten! 10. Vicious by Victoria Schwab me when i started reading this… Continue reading Top Ten Books of 2018 // with a gif for each bc #content

Top Ten Most Anticipated 2019 Books

It's that time of the year, folks. I said the word "folks" and it's making me feel at least 30 years older but that's alright, it's my humble duty as a teenager to be ironic. There are literally just 2 days of the year left and I have SO MANY END OF THE YEAR POSTS… Continue reading Top Ten Most Anticipated 2019 Books

my book edits & aesthetics 2018 // ft. characters you know & love

listen. i'm a girl of no few talents and wasting my time productively is one of them.* ergo, i occasionally dabble in what one might say "graphic design" (??) but is really just me clicking away on my laptop until i make something that doesn't quite resemble a digital embodiment of diarrhea. *lies, this is… Continue reading my book edits & aesthetics 2018 // ft. characters you know & love

63 Thoughts I Had While Reading Lady Midnight

Well, technically rereading.Yes, I'm procrastinating reading Queen of Air and Darkness because I am terrified. I know I'm ready but.... I'm also not. I can't face the aftermath of Lord Of Shadows.¬†Hell, I can barely talk about it. We're just gonna pretend that everything is alright and I'm not always crying bc of Julian and… Continue reading 63 Thoughts I Had While Reading Lady Midnight

Me Convincing Y’all To Read My Favorite Contemporaries

Hi, hello, yes. Is this thing working. I'm currently just chilling under the crushing weight of exams, stress and books (not the fun kind), surviving on caffeinated fuel because I haven't slept in two days and trying my best not to snap at anyone who dares to breathe in my general direction.* But you know… Continue reading Me Convincing Y’all To Read My Favorite Contemporaries

sleeping at last // 8.12.18

[for more than a month now, exams and school have taken over my life. it's been really, really rough and i can't wait to breathe in peace again once they're over. i haven't had time to blog or read- which just adds to the overall stress. however, music has seen me through multiple mental breakdowns… Continue reading sleeping at last // 8.12.18