63 Thoughts I Had While Reading Lady Midnight

Well, technically rereading.Yes, I'm procrastinating reading Queen of Air and Darkness because I am terrified. I know I'm ready but.... I'm also not. I can't face the aftermath of Lord Of Shadows.¬†Hell, I can barely talk about it. We're just gonna pretend that everything is alright and I'm not always crying bc of Julian and… Continue reading 63 Thoughts I Had While Reading Lady Midnight

Book Playlist: MELANCHOLY | Lord Of Shadows

If you've read Lord Of Shadows by our Queen Cassandra Clare, you'd know why this is going to be such an... emotionally stimulating playlist. Seriously, that book drained me of all emotions the night I finished it but I still find myself occasionally shedding a tear or two because #feelings. Melancholy is what I mostly… Continue reading Book Playlist: MELANCHOLY | Lord Of Shadows