If These YA Books Were TV Shows // The Foxhole Court

I'm just starting off the year right by clarifying that no, I'm not done being a TFC trash yet. I'm not sorry. Everyone is currently freaking out about the Six of Crows/Grisha Netflix announcement and I KNOW ME TOO so I should've probably made a SOC edition but I have no willpower so obviously, I… Continue reading If These YA Books Were TV Shows // The Foxhole Court

Book Playlist: I’m Fine | The Foxhole Court

Unlike my other book playlists, instead of dedicating a mix to an entire book, this one is actually just for my son, Neil Josten (he deservED BETTER @ Nora Sakavic). Ahem. Anyway. At this point, y'all have my explicit permission to roll your eyes and pray for/curse me for mentioning The Foxhole Court yet again… Continue reading Book Playlist: I’m Fine | The Foxhole Court