Night at the Asylum // Hours 8-10

Halloween Short Story  Written By- Audrey Francis-Plante from  audreywritesabroad & Nimika from wordhaven. HOUR 8 “Okay, okay,” I mutter to myself as I walk toward the next room. “Calm down. It was all in your head. It’s all just in your head.” It’s in your head. It’s in your head. It’s in your head. I cross the hole in a wall… Continue reading Night at the Asylum // Hours 8-10


Drive Again

The world is a mess around us, Too bright, too out of focus. So, I whisper, "Take me somewhere." And we drove, the two of us. Daring and rebellious, we challenged Reality to catch up. Farther down the road, up the hill, amongst the stars, Farther still. You rolled down the windows, I propped my… Continue reading Drive Again