at least we’re under the same sky

“A: Frances? F: Yeah? A: I don’t really like it here. F: ... Where? A: Do you like it here? F:  Where?” Alice Oseman, Radio Silence  art by: anukriti hush, baby, cry softly  you’re standing on the edge of the roof, desperately hoping that the concrete stretches out farther than you’d expected. you’re okay, okay,… Continue reading at least we’re under the same sky

Night at the Asylum // Hours 8-10

Halloween Short Story  Written By- Audrey Francis-Plante from  audreywritesabroad & Nimika from wordhaven. HOUR 8 “Okay, okay,” I mutter to myself as I walk toward the next room. “Calm down. It was all in your head. It’s all just in your head.” It’s in your head. It’s in your head. It’s in your head. I cross the hole in a wall… Continue reading Night at the Asylum // Hours 8-10