5 Authors That Need To Stop Ghosting On Me (with a twist)

DISCLAIMER: so here's the thing: i started this post more than a month ago. it was supposed to be a short post and i finished writing most of it in one sitting. and then like most things go, i just stopped working on it and started putting it off because i'm a downright idiot. figured… Continue reading 5 Authors That Need To Stop Ghosting On Me (with a twist)


Favorite Characters (Ft. My Babies)- I

I think it's high time that I introduce my babies to this blog. I just need the adoption papers to be handed over to me by the authors but I'll make it happen, you guys. I've already talked to my lawyer and everything. I've got this.¬†Copyright who? I don't know her. These aren't in any… Continue reading Favorite Characters (Ft. My Babies)- I