An Evening Out In Pictures [2.9.18]

Last weekend, I had one of those random, out of the blue moments where I impulsively decided that I needed to get out of the house and go look at some trees. As one does.

So, I hit up a friend and we went to this gorgeous park in her neighborhood which is brimming with acres and acres of hauntingly beautiful greenery.

We ran and laughed and danced right there on the grass with passerbys openly staring. Yes, I danced. It was horribly pathetic. I shall not do that again.

We climbed up ladders covered in vines and pretended that we were in a Jurassic Park movie and were being chased by tiny dinosaurs. Honestly, dino, come at me.

My friend saw her first bat that day and proceeded to freak out. It was hilarious.

We then went and ate some finger licking delicious momos.

By the end, our jeans were mud splattered (it had been raining for the better half of the day), my hair was an actual bird’s nest and we were tired down to our bones. It was so freaking worth it.

Here are some pictures.


such Jurassic park feels much wow


such aesthetics much wow




Climb into the back seat and close your eyes
I’ve got the wheel.
Dream of all the places only we will find.”
When We Drive, Death Cab For The Cutie

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